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  1. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Bissig means how bad you want to win at the table and how you show it and also how much time you invest into the sport in general. Witzfaktor is taken into account in Beizfaktor, meaning how your "perform" in the pup :)
  2. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Woohooo its still going ! :D Glad to see that you are still on it! How is everybody? Then i will continue with what this thread is meant for: Daily Table Tennis chit chat :) Last week i was helping lead an eight-day camp for 30 youth players from our region. It was a blast! Not sure if posting...
  3. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Wow Congrats on that man! I guess that puts things into perspective :) Still i am sure you are going to come back strong!
  4. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Glad to hear you are alright. How is your health? Only good thing about this lockdown is the ever growing motivation to play tt :)
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    How are you all doing during this complicated time? Are you still able to play somewhere? For me Training stopped, started and stopped again... I still teach some tt courses to beginner kids. So I still have some time on the table. I hope you are all safe Boogar
  6. What's the rating estimate of these players? (In usatt)

    and calls himself scrubplayer... he is diiiging diiging. Well I lost interest.
  7. DAN PLAYS SECOND MATCH! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 11

    According to the National League A it should be two more matches that happened before the lockdown.
  8. Hello!

    Hi John, welcome to the forum! :) What is pickleball? :D Cheers
  9. TT Kahoot quiz

    haha kinda cool, thanks :)
  10. Why do you play table tennis?

    Oh please let it happen! A big TT daily meetup, or even tournament? :D Dan if you have any Plans going to Switzerland or nearby, let me know!
  11. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I take it that all of the seasonal leagues are closed now. What did it leave you with? How did your season end, were your expectations met and did you achieve what you planned? How are you training right now and what do you want for your next season? As for me I reached my small goal for this...
  12. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Good that you are up and about! Stay safe and try to enjoy as much tt as you can mate :)
  13. Best Moments | TableTennisDaily Team | World Table Tennis Day

    Damn, I spoiled myself looking up the british league A xD
  14. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Well, its a joke. You can see him smirk. But jea I can understand if that edges on some people. Other than that he is said to be a very nice person and also the temperament in southlandish leagues is different :D
  15. Is your club closed because of corona?

    Damn.. Spain rly flew under the radar. Already so many :(
  16. MHTableTennis Tutorial Videos

    Very cool stuff! I think especially adults love technical advice like this. You talking about trade secrets made me all wiggly to play now! Rly looking forward to more stuff :) PS: You gotta be aware of the goon squad giving out those secrets. Is Carl here?
  17. What game are you playing now?

    Sc2 player here :) not so much atm but I always come back to it. Also it has a lot of similarities to tabletennis. What race are you playing and what league? Would be cool to meet up ingame
  18. Tabletennis Channels on Youtube

    Hey fellow tt players! Its been some tough weeks for us in quarantine. In Switzerland they closed all the tt gyms, leagues are shut and tournaments canceled. I try to pass time by watching a lot of table tennis on YouTube maybe my lazy mirror neurons will pick up something. So here I am...
  19. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Watching all the matches i can find on YouTube. I really like looking for "amateur" clubs that film their matches. How about we put together a list of our favorite Tabletennis-channels. Here are some of the channels I like watching: Ofc Tabletennis Daily has to be the first mention on this...
  20. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Yesterday I played a tournament got second in the group stage (group of 6). Ratings where inbetween 1800 -2050ish translated to USTTR. I won 4 games all 3:0 and lost to the strongest guy in our group in four games (he ended up winning the tournament). I got a walkover in the quarter finals...