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  1. How many Hours have you been playing Table tennis?

    Hi Right from day 1 which was 20th March 2015 when I first picked up a racket. I put down exactly how much ball time I was doing. I tried to do it accurately so if I was doing a 3 hour practice robot session, then i had four breaks and actually only did 1 1/2 hours table time, that's what I put...
  2. Advice needed for a new racket setup

    Try the Andro Rasant Beat....just changed to it....Awesome rubber
  3. What has contributed to your game development ?

    What has contributed to your game development ? I'm intrigued as to what has contributed to the development of people's game in their own opinion. There's no right or wrong answer as it's purely subjective. These are my numbers / areas of constribution as I see it: 50% Top level coaching...
  4. Review of Academia de Tenis de Mesa de Setúbal, Portugal

    Review of Academia de Tenis de Mesa de Setúbal, Portugal The academy is situated in Setúbal, a small port in Southern Portugal. Until four years ago, it was just the local table tennis club and now Domingos and his son David, have expanded the operation into a full-time academy. I flew...
  5. Tournament for Average American in: UK, France, Germany, Austria? During Holiday

    U.K. Hi Chuck I assume by UK, you're thinking of London. Im next to Gatwick and can offer you some serious practice sessions with me in a nearby club regards Andy
  6. Rising Dragon update

    Hi who's using Rising Dragon? Ive been using it on my forehand on a couple of different blades and really like it. Im considering putting it on my backhand too. Does anyone else use it on both sides or just one side. Andy
  7. Wave Drive 6 and Wave Drive 7 differences?

    Hi all What are the differences between the Wave Drive 6 and Wave Drive 7 shoes? Thanks Andy
  8. American BBC UK?

    Hi Does anyone in the UK use BBC blades? Andy
  9. choose one quote an amended English expression, i wouldn't touch them even with soneone else's barge pole !
  10. How to 'practice smart'

    It isn't necessarily better, just a necessity a lot of the time, certainly for me
  11. How to 'practice smart'

    IMHO too, Yes very wrong.
  12. How to 'practice smart'

    Finding a dedicated practice partner is hard enough, patient or not. So you don't see any value in robots ?
  13. How to 'practice smart'

    Hi all I've been looking through some table tennis forums I especially enjoy especially Dan's brilliant Table Tennis Daily One of the posts that's repeated over and over again, is frustration at practising well and it not appearing when the person plays matches. Last...
  14. Transferring skills from practice to games

    Great idea Yes it's a very good idea, I'm also now making detailed notes immediately after matches and if i can, videoing the match too
  15. Transferring skills from practice to games

    Hi I've gone through the process of playing fine in practice and not translating into If you look at sone of my older blog posts, you feel my frustration coming off the page !!! Please send me message Regards Andy
  16. BBC, Levi or OSP

    Yes I'm back to using my OSP Virtuoso They are beautiful blades and very consistent playability (Shame about my consistency !) highly recommebded Andy
  17. Eakent blades ? Does anyone use them?

    I'm not sure My friend is the the sole UK importer. Yes I'm sure they are pretty good but I just wondered if anyone had tried them as I haven't yet if you're interested, try Regards Andy
  18. Eakent blades ? Does anyone use them?

    Hi all does anyone use Eakent blades ? If not, has anyone tried them? Thanks Andy
  19. Donic Crest Allround +

    Thanks Andy li have to say I love Donic equipment. Everything they do seems to be of the highest quality. Hence my question re their blade