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  1. Mizuno Wave Medal 4

    Anyone that knows me, knows how much I rave about Mizuno table tennis trainers. There are few products that I'd class myself as an 'advocate' for, but Mizuno Wave Medal 4 trainers are one such product. After a previous bad experience, I've had to purchase my trainers on trips to Asia. This...
  2. Table Tennis Dictionary

    A "Wiggly Wobbler" is a deceptive lob stroke. It gives the appearance of putting sidespin on the ball in one direction, but the opposite side spin is actually executed. As a result, the attacking player positions himself or herself for the spin they perceive and not the spin they receive. To...
  3. Match Videos - Barrow I vs. Sycamore I

    Second Half Gavin Evans (Barrow I - England No. 8 & World No. 651) vs. Peter Musko (Sycamore I - Hungary No. 7 & World No. 288) Brad Evans (Barrow I - England No. 34) vs. Damien Nicholls (Sycamore I - England No. 10)
  4. table tennis shops

    There is only one place for me: Bill has been brilliant supporting Barrow TTC and the local schools.
  5. Do you know a Premier Belgium Club looking for a top 3 British Player?

    If you represent or know a top Belgium Club looking for a top 3 British player, please email me at: [email protected] Thanks.
  6. Fake Mizuno Wave Medal Table Tennis Trainiers

    The differences are clear to see. If you were able to touch and feel the build quality, it would be even more obvious.
  7. Fake Mizuno Wave Medal Table Tennis Trainiers

    This is a word of note. Be careful buying Mizuno Wave Medal table tennis trainers off eBay like I did. There is a good chance they will be fake and believe me, the quality of the fake item is no where near that of the original (which I rate as the best table tennis shoe available). Click here...
  8. Table tennis shoes

    The quality of these trainers were far from the quality of the genuine item. You could visibly see the quality of the materials used and finish was far from equal. Also, the detailing was sub-par and looked cheap. I bought them from eBay of a Chinese guy based in the UK. He claimed there are...
  9. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    Cool, I'll give that one a go first (although the system requirements don't look to different from that and version 10).
  10. Table tennis shoes

    Don't think so. Huge in Asia. I've got the Mizuno Wave Medal. I bought another 2 pairs last week on eBay from a UK based seller. They were fake. I've managed to get my money back. I took some photos and will be putting them online so other people don't get scammed.
  11. Table tennis shoes

    Mizuno are the best table tennis trainers I have had. Be careful though, as those on eBay tend to be fakes.
  12. Amazing Behind the Back Shot

    Amazing 'behind the back' shot taken during last years British League Play-Offs. The players involved are Brad Evans (Barrow) and Hans Pillards (Pavilion Brighton).
  13. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    Cool, I will go with Vegas and give you a shout when I get stuck.
  14. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    Adobe Premier looks a little resource hungry, so was leaning towards Sony Vegas. What do you reckon? Or should I consider something else? (Sony Vegas isn't suppose to be the friendliest piece of software)
  15. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    There might be a delay. My girlfriend has fried the Mac with Ribena. I have a crappy laptop and need to find a video editing package that it can handle (Movie Maker isn't up to the job - even the new version). I have toyed with the idea. However, I would need to make an objective decision...
  16. British League Premier Division (Third Weekend)

    For those in the northwest (of England), it is the third British League weekend this weekend at Halton. Better still, it is completely free! Venue: Halton TTC, Widnes, WA8 7DZ 23rd January 2011 10:30 - Barrow I v BATTS I 14:30 - Barrow I v Sycamore I Barrow TTC Squad: Paul Drinkhall, Gavin...
  17. English Open 2011

    Yeh, it is going to be shown on the itTV channel as is the Slovenian Open this week (Rumgay, Baggaley and Doran playing).
  18. BATTS Super League Videos

    Added the BATTS Super League final between Darius Knight & Chris Doran. I really enjoyed this match and it is one of the few times that I have seen Darius' huge forehand flowing in a rally. There are some really nice rallies like the one at 2 mins 39 secs. I hope you enjoy.
  19. Tech Up Your Table Tennis Club

    This week I was asked to do an interview with an Australian table tennis blogger about table tennis and social media. This is the resulting article -
  20. BATTS Super League Videos

    Semi-Final 1 Semi-Final 2 Final