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  1. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    FZD uses T05 hard and ML uses hurricane 3 Liang JK also uses hurricane 3 LinChokeYuan uses T05 hard Not sure for WCQ
  2. pin yi pi shen rubber

    d05 is very very not chinese. its a slower T05. probably Fastarc G1 is more down your alley?
  3. pin yi pi shen rubber

    Hurricane 8-80 then? or Rakza Z
  4. Rubber throw angle topic again.

    I hate to muddy the water but there is an issue with measuring throw angle like this. You would have to adjust it for incoming speed, as softer topsheets like T05 would be very high throw angle compared to say MX-P on a slow topspin block but into a much harder shot the MXP would catch up as its...
  5. Do any pro players out there use one ply blades?

    Most recent was probably Qiu Dang he used to be a jpen with both sides until a few years ago
  6. Anybody else's rubber struggling with the humidity?

    This issue is much more prominent with Chinese style rubbers than European in my experience
  7. Do you counterloop your opponents opening loop?

    Depends how good they are. If theyre awful smash through, if theyre same as me try to counter loop or block if its a low one, if theyre better then I pray
  8. Are you allowed to refuse to play against someone ?

    Mate. When I was 15 a shop I worked in wouldn't let me carry glass because they were worried if I got injured they would be liable and insurance wouldn't cover it. But it doesn't mean it's illegal for a 15 year old to carry glass... You're either a troll or dont have the required knowledge or...
  9. Are you allowed to refuse to play against someone ?

    Couldn't be sure of the reason = unconfirmed I think I'll stop this is going no where either post your court cases directly or I'll stop replying. But if you do I'll enjoy learning something new. I did look them up which is how I found out about the single report that didn't confirm the reason...
  10. Are you allowed to refuse to play against someone ?

    Yep as said earlier there is no law they changed the rules for a single case report that couldn't be sure of the reason but was possibly the speed glue
  11. Are you allowed to refuse to play against someone ?

    An unconfirmed health incident in japan?
  12. Fs : 1-plh Kiso Hinoki Blades

    7mm is usually thickness for either dual sided penhold blades (Sou MF P). The negative is they split easier, but this is still rare. 9mm is usal thickness for below flagship blades from top manufacturers if penhold or the flagship thickness for shakehand (any thicker and the racquet will...
  13. Does 1 ply Hinoki/Cypress need sealing?

    Hinoki does not need sealing. It doesn't easily splinter. It can split or indent
  14. Which one from 3 Inner carbon blades

    This sanwei rep is actually really cool. In answer to the OP I would actually go with a Koto outer wood blade. The biggest difference in feel is not the carbon placement but the wood. Koto is very direct, lest spinny, when you play a backhand or forehand it feels like hitting with hard wood...
  15. FZD transition to a new style

    What? bty even said the golden fzd alc is only for him. They already admitted that he has a personal fzd alc that is not publicly available. So why would he change since they already told the world the gold fzd is his own and not the commercial
  16. Penhold or lefty choppers

    If you watch Xu Xin videos: he signs and writes right handed, eats right handed, glued his bat and rubber right handed, spins balls with his right hand, used keys right handed but yes clearly he favours no hand at all. Of course he has to have some ability with his left hand but he is clearly...
  17. Penhold or lefty choppers

    Just for information Xu Xin the former world number 1 is right handed and plays left handed.It was done purely because his coach told him to at a young age.
  18. Pongfinity Sensei

    Edit: this is a reply to JK But if you want s real beginners bat then don't get two tensor on a 7 ply. for a true beginner generic 5 ply TM plus two 729 focus snipe. This can be 70 euros if you massively overpay or if you have AliExpress it can cost 40 euros. In this case 120 is far too much I...
  19. Play better against 1700 opponent than 1400. Need mental advice

    Also consider that the 1700 player is not trying hard enough to beat you but maybe practices the counter top spin game I have some players probably around 1200 in my club who have a nice powerful drive into a opening topspin that is a bit high. I use this specifically to practise keeping my...
  20. Pongfinity Sensei

    For the same price in the UK you can buy a clipper wood and 2 fastarc G1 or I could get a 5 ply offensive blade with two MXP with my smallish club discount. Its not a bad price or product for sure but it's hard to recommend over a korbel with two decent rubbers at this stage where it's fairly...