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  1. Spinniest Setup

    Battle 2 :D
  2. Anton Källberg equipment - Apolonia ZLC

    He used Viscaria not so long ago. But it's hard to know what he uses today, tomorrow.
  3. New Apolonia ZLC

    One pair of 05s differ sometimes from another pair of 05s. So you might have gotten a harder ones and your friend softer ones.
  4. STIGA DNA Pro Hard Review | With Truls Moregard

    Very nice Dan! Love the review! What would you say is better according to you between DNA hard and the Hexer powergrip. Looking at, better spin, grip, ease to play between these two?
  5. Friendship Battle 2 Provincial

    These are 2 different scales, chinese and european. 39 = ~50 (depending on rubber and sponge) 40 = >50
  6. STIGA DNA Pro Where do you actually become a member to obtain this?
  7. Friendship Battle 2 Provincial

    I've been playing with the b2/ b2 provincial for several years now and its absolutely amazing!!
  8. Omega VII Asia vs Hurricane 3

    Wow.. Clearly you've tried a bad version of the b2 I guess. And yes, it needs boosting to come alive. Have fun.
  9. Omega VII Asia vs Hurricane 3

    A boosted battle 2 39-40 hardness and boosted 2 layers would do the trick. Alot more gears and more spin than H3.
  10. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    Rakza X, Rakza PO and ma lin soft carbon
  11. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    Rakza X, Rakza PO and ma lin soft carbon
  12. Xiom Ice Cream blades

    Whats the difference between the AZX and the AZXi ?
  13. Stiga Genesis II

    I wonder how it compares to battle 2 in terms of spin. Its surely faster
  14. Yasaka Ebony Carbon

    Yes, so it would seem. The rubbers fit the same since I had them on apolonia before
  15. Yasaka Ebony Carbon

    The carbon layer is extremely thin, it's placed under the ebony
  16. Yasaka Ebony Carbon

    The carbon layer is extremely thin. It's placed under the ebony.
  17. Yasaka Ebony Carbon

    What do you want to know specifically? :D
  18. Best rubbers for Viscaria?

    golrd arc 8, 47,5 hardness
  19. Rubbers for Viscaria with crisp clear sound

    if you really want big sound then go for calibra lt sound, there is no louder one :D
  20. Yasaka Ebony Carbon

    Hi all, I see that the Ebony Carbon that is new on the market haven't been mentioned here! Info on the swedish site can be found here: :) Also available on I'm playing with this blade today! I...