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  1. Wang Liqin's demonstrates amazing touch!

    Special Pro Tenergy?? You must know stuff I don't... Tell me more :-)
  2. Jun Mizutani tests Tenergy 80 (VIDEO)

    Seems to me like a guy with a script is standing behind the camera dictating what both Mizutani as Kishikawa should say. This is pure promotional deception like guys in white labcoats telling you how good this new toothpaste is... I don't say it's a bad rubber, I've never played with it, but...
  3. New Balls Vs Robot

    Anyone having any thoughts on the thread itself, though?
  4. New Balls Vs Robot

    Hi everybody. My club is seriously considering buying a table tennis robot. Does anyone expect difficulties with the introduction of the new balls? Will the robots be able to handle them well? In addition, has anyone got experience with the Donic 'Newgy' 2050 robot or with the Tibhar Robopro...
  5. Best Shot's of the Year 2012 (POLL)

    I voted Timo Boll (10). His determination and finesse was all over this rally. It's also a very difficult ball to play. The amount of spin on that ball was monstrous! Happy New Year to all of you...
  6. "Lord Zhang Jike" Table Tennis Artwork

    Maybe you could also make some banners. People could use them on there TT facebook pages or websites. I could use one for the facebook page of the club I play in...
  7. "Lord Zhang Jike" Table Tennis Artwork

    Hey, if I were you, I'd post some artwork-wallpapers to this forum. I would be glad to download them and use them on my desktop!!
  8. Need advice for my new paddle!

    It seems to me you want everything here. Either you want a slow setup to defend, or you want a fast setup to attack... It seems hard to combine the two...
  9. NEW APP - Analyse your Table Tennis Game or your opponents !!

    A TTDaily promotion on the app would be great...
  10. Jun Mizutani footage... Subtitles wanted!

    It would be extremely great if someone could provide subtitles for this documentary. If you don't know how to add them to youtube, just put them in a word or wordpad or any filetype you want, and I'll put them onto the video... Especially the service parts would be great to get translated!
  11. Ma lin unbelievable serve

    I have a good follow-up question... Could Ma Lin have done this serve with a European rubber? Or is this kind of serve exclusive to chinese rubbers? (I mean with this extreme amount of spin on it)
  12. andro kinetic Supreme OFF- Zylon/Hinoki

    I played one for quite some time and still do now and then. If you are looking for extreme speed, it will not be a good choice. It has good speed still, though. All the materials are of excellent quality and the control and spin possibilities are extraordinary. For looping, pushing & blocking...
  13. How to watch Table Tennis - London 2012 Olympics

    Hey, Xu Xin Lover, nice to hear that... Do I know you? What's your club? If anyone else would be interested: I admit I post a lot of clips coming from this forum, but I make my selection and always try to find new stuff to add. And thank you for the tip ttActua!
  14. How to watch Table Tennis - London 2012 Olympics

    Are you talking BBC1 or BBC2? And do they show every match even starting today? Because I live in Belgium and I can watch BBC 1 & BBC 2. Will they not tune into other sports that are more popular? Seems a little bit odd that half of the UK population would be watching TT 6 hours a day
  15. The Making of: Table Tennis Bats and Rubbers

    I was hoping for a little more detail in the video. Feeling rather pittyful if I see these people working at high intensity for hours and hours doing the same thing all over again...
  16. Tibhar Xeon Sensitec With YASAKA Mark V GPS.

    In my experience, the lack of feeling in the chopping department is most commonly due to the rubbers. The Mark V probably has quite some catapult effect, where the ball grips deep (max thickness) into the rubber and then gets catapulted back out again. This catapult thing is good as far as...
  17. Where to watch the olympics

    omg, this is heartbreaking news... Maybe TTprovider or gecaphoenix wil provide daily coverage... You must really be kidding if we don't get to see any of this action... What about Eurosport or Eurosport2 coverage?
  18. Belgium beat China 3-0 (2002 VIDEO)

    Belgian Pride indeed. The Saive Brothers.... I was still playing Tennis at the time. It reminds me of an article on JM Saive I read last year, where he states the following: If the ball I hit every day of my life would have been yellow with a lot of hair on it, me nor my family would ever have...
  19. Donic Acuda

    Are these prices per sheet? Cuz I can get them at 33€ shipment not included...
  20. New here advice

    The three tips I can come up within a second are: - Mind your footwork and thus your balance for EVERY stroke. - every stroke is played with your entire body, not only with your hand/wrist/arm but also with your legs, abdomen, back, shoulder... in one flowing motion. - consistency is key...