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  1. Women's World Cup 2020

    What a great moment to see a thread about a competition and its games , I had missed this moment
  2. NOW LIVE: World Record Attempt - Most Consecutive Bounces on a Table Tennis bat

    Wow ! Another guinness record by you dan . Well done ! I was waiting for you to scratch your head or face in this 5 hour to lose your control ;)
  3. Is your club closed because of corona?

    I hope so but very unpredictable specially the way its started to spread among united states and europe in these recent days , even we should consider that the real stats can be more different than this stat .
  4. Is your club closed because of corona?

    Thnks for your concern baal , I'm staying home in these emergency situations and I think its the best way beside personal hygiene .
  5. Is your club closed because of corona?

    its more than one month that All the clubs are closed in iran and sport events were cancelled as well .
  6. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    Hey Baal ! To be honest I agree with you about " not being sure that pet can have or spread this virus " .unfortunately the stat of coronavirus in my country is rising too and every where is closed . In these emergency days I myself never touch animals without gloves . And about this weibo...
  7. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    Zhang jike's Weibo post on Feb 24th : #Responsibilities . There is no evidence that cats and dogs will be infected with the new coronavirus. I support the "Responsible Pet Cultivation" initiative of @ 世界 动物 保护 协会 and @ 势 界 POWERCIRCLES. Please promise with me "respect and treat life well, do...
  8. German Open 2020

    Heyyyyyyy What a dreany shot . Even ma long was shocked by that behind the back shot . Xu xin what a wonderful child
  9. German Open 2020

    Winning this crucial game with 2 edge ball :( the last two point .. unbelivable
  10. German Open 2020

    This year's olympic winners are not predictable even in single everything can happen . MI and JM are a better pair than Ishikawa and yoshimura . They even can win the mixed double in tokyo
  11. Guess Tokyo 2020 Medalists

    Women : Gold : Liu shiwen . If she gets this gold it will be the best moment in Table tennis sport at olympic 2020 . Silver: A chinese maybe but I like Mima ito to get at least silver with support of many japanese there . Bronze : Ding ning Men : Gold for Harimoto . Silver for Ma long and...
  12. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    On December 23, 2019, the "Sports Star award 2019 Ceremony" co-sponsored by Weibo and Sina Sports was held in Beijing Starlight Vision Center! Table tennis Grand Slam player Zhang Jike was also invited and won the most popular athlete of 2019 award . Zhang jike accepted an exclusive interview...
  13. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    On November sixth , Beijing held the launching ceremony of the "119" Fire Promotion Month in 2019 . Zhang jike and other celebrities were invited as fire propaganda ambassadors. At the same time, 11 small fire stations were unveiled . At the event site, the participating leaders issued letters...
  14. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    Anta as the official sports apparel partner for Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 and and IOT's ( The international olympic committee ) official sportswear uniform supplier , held an event for The 2020 olympic's Mascot introduction . Zhang jike as a spokesperson and one of the main models in Anta...
  15. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    I'm not sure about it , He's told his reluctance to be a coach in several interviews .
  16. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    The ITTF World tour Grandfinal 2019 was launched on 12 december in china , Zhengzhou and On the evening of December 15, came to an end. The Chinese table tennis team achieved a big package and won 4 gold medals . The games were well recieved by fans , It is worth noting that in the audience...
  17. 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

    I was waiting for this one ..:p
  18. 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

    ZJK is convincing LGL to send him to Tokyo OG and it seems its going well ;)
  19. 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

    :) Got excited to see him there ...