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  1. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    True enough, just like they did with Nimbus with the Nimbus Delta. Select is really good though. A top player in my place uses Select on my both sides on his Lebesson blade.
  2. Nittaku Acoustic FH Rubber

    MX-P would be alright, but it's a bit heavy. I currently use Reactor Ckylin Pro 47 on my fh on my Acoustic which is my main blade. It's like an MX-S but a bit slower and with more control and just a tad bit tacky. I also used MX-S previously for my FH but found my FH shots to be more consistent...
  3. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    True enough, the only 1Q's I can get from Tibhar now are 1QXD in 1.7mm hehe as they offer them on clearance. So some merchants may actually be stocking them still. I guess that's why ESN gens are confusing, plus you also have the Aurus series which I guess doesn't have another brand's equivalent...
  4. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    I'm just genuinely curious, as I'm a Tibhar distributor in my Country and find it weird that a lot of people have been asking me to stock Tibhar Nimbus and Nimbus Soft. So I wanted to know what they're about and I'm more familiar with Acuda and I thought they might have been from the same gen...
  5. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    I see thanks, I use different rubbers now though. I updated my sig :) I have only tried Nimbus so far, but it was boosted so it was quite soft so can't make a proper judgement...
  6. ESN generation

    According to a reliable source, I was told that top100 WR Tibhar players can get Harder Evolutions. They get harder MX-P's, perhaps this is what the Evolution national that Tibhar CN sells.
  7. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    Can anyone please compare them? Thanks. Like how similar and how different they are. Appreciate it a bunch :)
  8. Reactor Rubbers

    How about the Tornado vs Hurricane?
  9. Reactor Rubbers

    thank you :)
  10. Reactor Rubbers

    What rubber do you think is similar to the Corbor aside from the tackspeed? Ty
  11. Tibhar Aurus Prime and Aurus Select

    You're making a review already?
  12. LF: High-end blade similar to Freitas ALC

    Definitely VS/CCA Unlimited from Tibhar. Check this out
  13. Drugs in Table Tennis?

    Well, I remember reading an article about Ma Long saying that he drinks to give him confidence, as he has low self esteem apparently.
  14. [Poll] Best Tenergy Alternatives

    Tibhar Evolution EL-S and MX-P for me. They're not like Tenergy, in fact I prefer them over Tenergy.
  15. Which rubbers for my Timo Boll ALC?

    Tibhar Evolution EL-S definitely fits you're criteria.
  16. Viscaria blade

    Thank you Zaid.
  17. Viscaria blade

    Question about the serial. Which letter will be the basis of the Serial? The first letter or the last letter? The I serial Silver Tags are the one's sought after in China right?
  18. Any tibhar people out there?

    Thanks for the insights....
  19. Any tibhar people out there?

    English please, this is an international forum... Well, explain the country of manufacture of the Drinkhall series, VS Unli, CCA 7 and CCA Unli... Don't tell me that these are all made in China as well. I may be wrong, but please enlighten me dear sir. I am in search of the truth.