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  1. Need help with penhold grip

    your fingers are really long .... so it's difficult for RPB
  2. Welcome to TableTennisDaily 2.0 - Bug Report

    I just come back to this new forum and it's pretty nice ! great version
  3. The corner of Penhold Players

    Penhold Players Corner hi everyone, I am soon 61 and i have been playing penhold between 55 and 59, after 20 years playing SH style An then I came back to SH according to my age, my footwork is too slow ... But i love PH and I found a way to play PH without lose (I like competitions, I am...
  4. Are tournaments and leagues running in your Country?

    I have a question, I would like to know why MOG has been banned ?
  5. World’s Fastest Table Tennis Shot!

    I guess Aruna will be the faster player
  6. World’s Fastest Table Tennis Shot!

    Simon Gauzy would be a great idea !
  7. World Veteran Championships 2020 in Bordeaux (France)

    I won't, registration fees are really too expensive and simple visitors must pay ...
  8. Best Blade for Penhold?

    I don't think so ... I Used to play orthodox grip before the new ball and switch to penhold with the new ball. I play PG7 blade form DHS
  9. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    where can I find a Darker Speed 90 ? my searching didn't get any reponse, that blade seem's to be "no longer to sell" ?
  10. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    I come back to this thread, 2 month ago I switched again to penhold grip, according to the fact that i didn't fell problems with my back. So I was playing again with chinese grip and 1 side ( no rpb ) with a yinhe T11+ blade. My level was lower but my pleasure of playing higher ! ( I started...
  11. World Ping Pong championship 2019

    I play sometimes "hardbat" with penhold grip 1 side, it's funny, rallies are really longer. But this kind of TT is unknow and there is very few players. It's too bad.
  12. World Ping Pong Champion vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Last year, I did a hardbat tournament at my club. I played relatively well (with penhold grip), better than my normal level and I have enjoyed this game. But I really prefer classic table tennis with speed and spin !
  13. Table tennis is more fun with Returnboard X

    I just saw the demo video, your return board looks really fine !
  14. The ITTF World Tour current rankings

    ovtcharov is ... number 35 !!! it's a joke ?
  15. WHO WILL WIN - Dan vs Chen Weixing | Las Vegas 2018

    I try a poker strike ... Dan wins 11-9 :cool:
  16. ITTF rankings for August

    I am inconsolable, simon Gauzy isn't in top 10 anymore
  17. Dragutin Surbek 1946-2018

    I remember that blade, very often used in France. Didn't he play with his son in double ?
  18. Different countries ranking systems

    In France, around 1800 points I mean
  19. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    I know mariano Loukov, number 9 in the world as he was young. He live's in France for 16 years and plays now TBH backside 1 side with Long pimples for RPB (no moving fingers)
  20. Just curious how many Penholders are on TTD?

    I like to often watch videos from Yoshida !