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  1. What are the diffrences between those rubbers?

    I have been pleasantly surprised vy $5 Sanwei T88 ULTRA Spin Table Tennis Rubber Half-sticky Speed Training. I put it on a fast 5-ply wood and it is quite fast and spinny. It is not tacky like Sanwei Target National. overall just feels like a toned down version of STN which at $5 a sheet is very...
  2. Upcoming Joola rubbers

    Agree. Recently I have been going from the G-1, C-1 series to Revolution and Rakza. They are all ESN's. Adapting different rubbers on my backhand has been pretty busy. It also helps that I play 5 days a week so I can adapt pretty quickly. I highly doubt the $55-$65 range "newest" rubbers will...
  3. Which training ball to pick

    Ok let me make a few comments: 1) No doubt Nittaku 3-star premium is the gold standard in plastic balls. The feedback is always durable, feels solid, can impart spins and plays "like the celluloid balls" from the previous era. I have no problem playing with that ball. However, my isses are a)...
  4. Donic alternative to Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

    I have Waldner Senso Carbon. It is fast but not too fast. But I feel that it does not let me feel the ball that well. It is kind of stiff. I recently put H3 neo on the forehand and EL-S and MX-S on the backhand side of the two Donic Persson Powerplay blades I own. Persson Powerplay is a 7-ply...
  5. Anyone have a sneak peak of Glayzer yet?

    Let us know how it went! As for Glayzer, I have not gotten my hands on a sheet. All the reviews on YouTube (and there are a ton of reviews) tend to say it is slower and hard to use. Most of these reviewers are used to Tenergy and Dignics so for them Glayzer is a disappointment. I would...
  6. What are the diffrences between those rubbers?

    Lol yes boosting is a must. Otherwise just save yourself some money and buy Friendship 729 soft. you cannot boost that thing. It gets way too soft. And for $10-$13 a sheet, you don't plan to boost, then get 729.
  7. Dignics 05 vs Tenergy 05

    Agree. Didn't Tenergy come out in 2008? That is a long long time ago. However, Butterfly and Yasaka are still charging $30 and change for Sriver and Mark V. Didn't those come out in the 1980's or shortly before then? What can you say if people are buying?
  8. Upcoming Joola rubbers

    Despite all the new rubbers, I still feel that G-1, C-1, EL-S, FX-P, and the Rakza series play just fine. I think $40 and change for a new rubber is good enough for me. I have not had the urge to go for the $55-65 range of new rubbers (Xiom Omega VII Tour, Stiga DNA Platinum XH, H3 with blue...
  9. Longevity of Hybrid rubbers

    Lol, I have been itchy to try Battle 2 and Bloom Power but if that's the case, I will stick with H3 neo. Thanks for the summary!! :) :)
  10. Anybody ever fixed air bubble on topsheet?

    I love my Chinese rubbers. I love recycling my H3 neo recently. That project has been going well. By recycling the old H3 neo, the tackiness wears off a bit and it feels like "hybrid" to me. Just to get on the topic of this thread, I have one Sanwei National Target, black, not boosted. I liked...
  11. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Which shop on Aliexpress do you two use? I am familiar with K1 and K2. Both have some catapult effects but not like the Revolution series or Tenergy series. The catapult effects from K1 and K2 are more along the line of Fastarc series.
  12. Yinhe Big Dipper H40

    Got it BD 39 degree or Juniper 3 39 degree
  13. Yinhe Big Dipper H40

    Maybe I need 38 degree or 39 degree, and not 40 degree? I have been using H3 neo at 39 degree so I figured, why not get 40 degree on Big Dipper and see whta happens. I think I already asked you on the other thread. Where did you source your Big Dipper? I got mine on BEO shop on Aliexpress. I...
  14. Yinhe Big Dipper H40

    Lol, I did boost it twice to Falco Long. Lol, I don't think I want to boost it three or four layers! lol!
  15. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Maybe I got a bad batch/sheet. Where did you get your Big Dipper and where did your friend get his/her Big Dipper? Thanks in advance!
  16. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Got it. Agree. Your description of not tacky but grippy sounds right. But if that's the case it is just like any ESN rubbers, not tacky but grippy. I see to impart spins just fine but no stronger than say Rakza 7 soft or Rakza X. The sheet is fast. No doubt about it. I have a 729 to compared...
  17. Yinhe Big Dipper H40

    I boosted mine. 40 degree black. I did not feel much if any catapult effect. Very linear. Most likely a waste of time to boost.
  18. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Ok, I just put a black 40 degree Big Dipper onto Tibhar Stratust Power Wood. It is ok. Is it faster then 729? Yes. Is it faster than ESN rubber? If you hit it hard enough. It is a very linear rubber. I don't feel much catapult effect. It's surface really is not tacky at all (just like say Mark...
  19. what type of backhand?

    Yes when used against strong backspin push or backspin serve, then the wrist has trouble going forward and then it becomes a flip really. I think table tennis is simple and is hard, It is simple in that everything is the variation of the same strokes. Once you get the strokes down, you can...
  20. Can you boost Tibhar Evolution EL-D???

    No idea. I am not a very scientific guy. All three (EL-S, FX-P and T05 fx) all domed up. If you want to say 30 degree or so, that sounds about right. They just don't dome up as much as Chinese rubbers though. I have two sheets of Loki 3's (one pink and one blue) and they dome up almost 60-80...