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  1. Yinhe earth e-2, e-4 and e-5 wood composition

    You cannot find E4 anywhere. Closest blade to Violin I found is VICTAS Euro Feeling Off- that I have on my second bat and I like it a lot. For Anigre I have Yasaka Sweden Extra that I use on my first setup, it's an awesome blade, my coach was surprised of how good this is for the price. I like...
  2. Most reliable and long-lasting non-tacky rubbers other than Butterfly.

    I found Vega X getting better after weeks. Likely because I'm used with soft sponges. I quite liked that rubber, apart for pushes that I found difficult at my level.
  3. My Journey to reach the National Table Tennis Olympic Team! Join Me

    Man, he's Chinese and is playing tabletennis. When you put those 2 words in same sentence everything becomes possible. 😉 Their level is beyond human.
  4. Most reliable and long-lasting non-tacky rubbers other than Butterfly.

    I heard of Tibhar Aurus (classic version). Haven't played it myself though.
  5. My Journey to reach the National Table Tennis Olympic Team! Join Me

    My son is 2 yo and he fools around the house with a bat and mimicks the FH loop stroke saying "top top top". He's also doing the FH loop brushing (actually hammering like a blacksmith) the rear wheel of his (upsidedown) bike. Now that I've seen this video I'm going to intensify the training...
  6. I finally decided on a paddle I can stick with!!!

    No panic. He meant "I can stick with for one night" 🤣😉
  7. Hello from Germany

    Welcome back into the hobby! Enjoy!
  8. Xiom Vega series

    I tried O7 Euro, it matches same description as your. Very good rubber as well.
  9. Donic Persson Powerplay: senso or not senso, that is the question.

    Experience with classic, senso v1 or senso v2? What is best and why? Thanks!
  10. Popularity of Inner Carbons in pro game.

    It makes sense to me that powerful players look for control over speed. If your speed is already enough to score the point majority of the times, you don't look for more speed but rather control.
  11. Finding the perfect rubber for your game

    It suggested my current FH rubber, one rubber I don't know and the one I'd like to try the most. Definitely a better result than before. BTW you cannot mandate to rate all rubbers because people might know nothing about one of the recommended rubbers, so their rating would be potentially misleading.
  12. Another EJ thread... with some twist

    Sorry for asking, what RPB stands for?
  13. Another EJ thread... with some twist

    No I didn't meant a video of your guy, perhaps someone else on YouTube practicing same training.
  14. Another EJ thread... with some twist

    Any video of this technique?
  15. Another EJ thread... with some twist

    No direct experience here, but currently I'm training with a veteran like the man you're talking about, he has shakehand grip and uses a ~30+ yo blade from darker. It's 5ply, 3 wood and 2 carbon. The blade is called Max Control and believe me name is very adequate. It's slow as hell due to age...
  16. Tibhar MK 7 all-wood blade

    Apparently it's 7mm thick, can you imagine? You buy an all wood to get extra control and you find out you just got a heavy machine gun. 🤣
  17. Xiom Vega series

    I use Vega Europe and FX-S on my blade and although FX-S is 40 degrees it feel much harder than Vega Europe due to the top sheet. It's very likely that Vega Europe has also a very soft top sheet.
  18. Xiom Vega series

    Omega VII Euro is just awesome. My coach has it on a Bfly Power 7 and feeling was superb. Unfortunately an Omega VII Euro costs almost double than Vega Europe!🤣
  19. Xiom Vega series

    TBH my setup was made following suggestions from my coach. He always says power is useless without control. I'd say it's popular also at beginners level at least in a country like mine where TT community and history isn't too much developed.
  20. Xiom Vega series

    Vega EU is great also on 5 ply all wood. I use it on Yasaka Sweden Extra and control is top notch. It lacks of speed, but if you use 5ply all wood and soft rubbers like me, speed is definitely not the main focus of the setup.