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  1. Chinese all boosting, yet never caught red handed/ Why?

    If the topic is going this direction I feel this should be mentioned.
  2. China Table Tennis Super League-2022

    Good game. It was interesting to see all the serve variation. Rare to see ML bring out normal pendulum, high-toss, hook and reverse pendulum all within the first two games. Wonder will he (and Fan) continue this in the big international tournaments
  3. Chinese Nationals-2022

    I would also like to see the draw but that ctta link doesn't work for me
  4. Liang Jingkun suspended

    That was one of the more impressive transitions I've seen - turning something as juicy as intra-CNT love affairs and suspensions into an equipment thread. Does WTT choose the replacement then or does China get to choose since it was their player and decision? A part of me hopes this could leave...
  5. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    I like his style too, and would like to see him take it. Even with his recent form though, FZD always seems to have his number
  6. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    Unless it's about player's equipment , probably not here sadly
  7. Tips on analysing between points

    I have a bad habit of thinking too much about technique between points or generally just being angry or happy with whatever just happened, and not analysing in a way that will help me going forward. I want to improve on this but there's so many things happening in a match that one could possibly...
  8. WTTTC 2022 : How was the 3rd team chsen to advance in a group ?

    rather than starting a new thread since this is also a wtttc clarification, does anyone know how it's determined which individual players get matched up against each other?
  9. Penhold in Europe

    Yea definitely, I just mentioned those two countries since they each have rising stars from there that kids are probably looking up to. But yeah with RPB developing and being shown that it can be so effective, I think and hope it will become more popular everywhere. I wish myself that I had...
  10. Penhold in Europe

    I think there will definitely be a lot of kids inspired to play penhold now, at least in France and Germany. And I'd love to see it, it would be great for the game. What I wonder is, will there be a shortage of coaches with the knowledge to teach them the proper penhold techniques. I'm no...
  11. Advice for returning awkward serves

    Thanks Tony, I'll look up some videos of them using it
  12. Advice for returning awkward serves

    I'm curious about why we don't see this xuxin style flick more often used by shakehand players. I mean the style as seen in this videonot just a normal penhold banana flick. To me it seems different from a normal SH forehand flick, since it's more side spinny and less hitty, and it's also not a...
  13. WTT Champions (European Summer Series 2022)

    Patrick mentioned in post match interview that Ma Long seemed unhappy with his game from the start of the match and saw an opportunity in that. I think Adam also said that this was first time Patrick's even won a single game, never mind a match, against ML
  14. Do non-Chinese Pro's boost their H3?

    There was also an online Q&A thing with a top Swedish pro (can't remember who, Karlssen maybe?) Where he admitted he is, and suggested basically all pros are, boosting. Sorry, I'm too lazy to look it up
  15. WTT in Budapest 2022

    That was a great match, and more closely contested than just seeing the 3-1 scoreline would suggest. Felix showed no fear. I also thought it was cool when commentator mentioned that masked Ma Long was in the stands by himself watching Lebrun's previous match to analyse. He clearly respects his...
  16. Best forehand

    I find Xu Xin's the best to look at. It's so fluid and his arm so whippy, and the balls are loaded with spin
  17. Ma long vs Fan Zhendong

    Ah i see, thanks. It's unclear to me what actually happened, "In the absence of a government decision", So the government didn't permit the grand smash? But a big table tennis tournament is fine if it's called champions tournament? Either way, it doesn't make a difference to me what it's...
  18. Ma long vs Fan Zhendong

    Where did you get this from? It looks like it is still happening (although for relevance of this thread, fan pulled out) Maybe the branding has just been changed to this champions thing
  19. Had a forehand loop revelation

    I'd love to know what these guys are saying, but without understanding Chinese I found it very hard to get anything from the videos. Were they both kind of saying not to actively flex the biceps?
  20. Question for people with decent BH topspin

    Since the relax vs retract question was so clearly and resoundingly answered (STAY RELAXED :) ), I'm happy to see the discussion's broadened to BH topspin technique more generally. @NDH , I'd love to hear why you think the more spinny/pully (in another thread I saw a pull/push distinction) BH...