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  1. For Sale: Multiple blades from Butterfly and Darker

    I've sent you a message about Darker Speed 90 ST, I'm interested!
  2. FS: Darker, Stiga and Nittaku blades

    Is the Nittaku acoustic carbon blade still available? I'm interested
  3. FS: Nittaku acoustic sg special handle (95 euro), Butterfly Freitas ALC (85 euro) and more other frames

    Nittaku acoustic sg (95 euro) sold! Almost new in a box. Weight: 86grm Butterfly Freitas ALC (85 euro) Very good shape. Only a tiny splinter on the left edge. Weight: 88grm Stiga Clipper (35 euro) Very good shape. Small splinter on the edge. Weight: 90grm XIOM Vega pro ZLC (58 euro) Good as...
  4. T05 vs D05 vs D09c

    Cool :)
  5. T05 vs D05 vs D09c

    Thanks a lot for your advice! I am convinced. I'll stick with my current setup and try to focus on improving the technique and body movement. Today I played with my current setup and I was doing very well, I'll participatie in competitions next season with my current setup and will see how it...
  6. T05 vs D05 vs D09c

    I really appreciate your reply and advice :) Not wanting to make stronger/powerful/wild swings because of an old shoulder injury. Table tennis ball and racket are indeed very light but it got my shoulder injured long time ago. But I want indeed to develop my techniek to make efficiant stokes...
  7. T05 vs D05 vs D09c

    Thanks for the advise! So D05 is faster , more spin and more controllable than T05, sound fine for me. But it is a bit heavier. Weight matters also for me since I want to keep it light setup. Do you know how much D05 is heavier than T05 and how much D09C is heavier than T05 in grams?
  8. T05 vs D05 vs D09c

    Hi guys, I want to change my forehand rubber from Xiom omega 7 euro to T05 or D05 or D09C to have more speed & spin. I tried T05 1 year a go and I liked the amount of spin and speed , only it was to fast for me, so I went for xiom omega 7 euro. After 1 year of training I think I am up to...
  9. What is the best alternative for Tenergy 05?

    Really good question, the answer is: if you are looking to a big difference in the price, then Xiom vega pro is the best alternative, all other alternative are close to the price of tenergy 05, otherwise stick with tenergy 05 if you want quality in your game, because it is the best rubber for...