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  1. Win a Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Rubber!

    I think Ma Long will win China open mens singles I think Liu Shiwen Will win China open womens singles
  2. bluefire glue problem

    well the same problem happened with me the first time when it was new after that when u reglue it again it gets easier
  3. how to clean the surface of a table tennis table

    dan u have tissues in ur left hand what do u do with it
  4. Donic Bluefire M2

    1. Quality (average lifespan) well i have been using M2 for a month so cant answer this question right now 2. Throw (high or low) it is a high throw rubber just like M1 3. Grip/Spin spin is on the extreme side one of the spinniest rubbers i have ever played with but people say it has more spin...
  5. how to clean the surface of a table tennis table

    i have tried this but it didint work can u give me another suggestion
  6. table tennis robot

    well there r days when u cant find a person to practice with nd that makes u rusty so i was wondering to buy a tt robot nd well there is always a case of affordability so guys can u plzzzzz advise me a good robot which has variations nd can throw balls at different speeds but is not that...
  7. how to clean the surface of a table tennis table

    I purchased a really nice Table Tennis table. I am starting to accumulate fingerprints and some minor drip marks from sweat on the table top. The owners manual is in Chinese and does not say what to use to clean the table top with. I tried to contact the manufacturer but they never replied. I...
  8. Rubber choice for stiga intensity nct

    Rakza 7 all the way
  9. What table tennis rubbers & blade do you use?

  10. yasaka spelancer

    has anybody played with this blade how is it's feel is it hard or soft nd also is it very stiff nd what type of rubbers should i use on it soft or hard plzzzzzzz help ty
  11. Best STIGA equipment??

    i am using stiga roosewood 7 it has great feeling nd control but it is heavy which is a drawback
  12. What a postman brought you?

    loving the mizuno's whats the model which site did u order from nd how much did it cost ??
  13. TTD VIDEO Competition

    ok got the link on the fb page voted as well :D
  14. TTD VIDEO Competition

    have shared the video but how can i vote for it
  15. Where is Azlan the TT man!?

    man what a guy cudos azlan man no words can describe the respect i have for the guy keep it up man
  16. Where is Azlan the TT man!?

    i guess he is on a secret mission of some sort :P
  17. chughtai

    oye chutiey oye aya hai nai setup aur likh raha hai :P

    oye chutiey oye aya hai nai setup aur likh raha hai :P
  18. German Open 2012 - Competition

    timo boll comon
  19. Need advice on forehand rubber

    absolutely right it is as close substitute to t05
  20. What table tennis rubbers & blade do you use?

    blade: stiga roosewood nct7 FH: rakza 9 BH: stiga boost tx