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  1. Butterfly harimoto alc for sale

    Blade released in 2019
  2. DHS W968 review

    Martin Allegro uses dhs long 5 or w968. Does anyone know what rubbers he has on fh and bh ?
  3. DHS W968 review

    What can you say about Donic C2?
  4. Joola Vyzaryz Blades

    Какой вес и герц у вашего zqh 90?
  5. DHS W968 review

    Which dhs hurricane 3 neo is best for Provincial team W968 - Letters? Rubber is needed for FH. I choose from the provincial versions of dhs hurricane 3 neo. Blue or orange sponge? And what hardness given that the booster will not be used?
  6. Blade upgrade

  7. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    Thank you. What kind of rubbers does Mittelham have?
  8. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    Mittelham Nina plays in the European Championship with this blade . Who can recognize the blade?
  9. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    butterfly lin gaoyuan
  10. Tacky Chinese Rubber on the Backhand?

    Are you using the commercial or provincial version of the h3 neo 37? Is commercial much different from provincial?
  11. Alternative to boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3

    Hello. What will be similar in speed and rotation to the boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3 (39 ° -40 °) for the FH and the boosted DHS Provincial Hurricane 3 (37 °) for the BH, but without the need to boost?
  12. Chinese Kids Equipment

    sanwei cc sanwei t88-III
  13. long lasting blade

    Palio 3 Star
  14. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    What is this blade?
  15. Confusion in deciding which rubber and blade to go with (Intermediate level)

    Sanwei CC Reactor Ckylin Soft
  16. New setup recommendation

    What do you say about Blade Gewo Alvaro Robles OFF-?
  17. typical semi-beginner questions

    Andre74 Use normal rubbers on stiga allround, for example yasaka rigan 2.0mm thick or Andro GTT 45/40 2.0mm.
  18. Best Viscaria/TB ALC/TBS clone blades?

    Better than xiom feel ax?
  19. Please compare BTY Grubba and BTY Primorac blades for me!

    What rubbers do you use on grubba?