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  1. DHS fans unite! Ep and Ec with ratio Ec/Ep, Vp and Vl with ratio (Vl/Vp): 301 (89.6g) 1.88/1.64 (ratio 0.87) 1.20/1.29 (ratio 1.07) 301X (89.9g) 1.98/1.86 (ratio 0.94) 1.28/1.27 (ratio 0.99) 301T (90.7g) 2.05/1.87 (ratio 0.91) 1.28/1.23 (ratio 0.96) 301Z (88.2g) 1.64/1.36 (ratio...
  2. 729 Bloom Power

    I ordered on Lazada a 45d sheet and surprised because it has ITTF logo on it: link It is bouncier than Battle 2 (Normal version), maybe because of 2.2 sponge, spin is similar. As my experience with playing unboosted Battle 2 or Bloom Power, they work very good unboosted on inner ALC/ZLC blade...
  3. Affordable inner/outer ZLC blades

    I once tried out the Franziska ZLC with D09c on FH and found 301z is maybe 60-70% similarity. Actually the ZC in 301z is not the real ZLC (Zylon or PBO), it is some kind of enhanced aramid (or arylate), you can find in a review by TTGEARLAB here...
  4. Shoes with good floor contact?

    i am using this all round entry shoes from Yonex, i feel it is super grip that some time make my upper body go with momemtum but the feet doesn't move a bit. I play on Ceramic tiles.
  5. Inner Carbon (ALC, ZLC)

    301, 301X, 301T are inner ALC Koto, I usually switch between B2X and 301Z, the clearly different between them is 301Z has vibration like a 5 ply wood Korbel blade, B2X has no vibration at all(same no vibration as FZD ALC), speed and spin in loop/topspin seem similar, but smash 301Z is...
  6. Inner Carbon (ALC, ZLC)

    You can always try the cheaper Fang Bo B2X(inner ALC Limba) and 301Z(inner ZLC Koto) before get into BTY expensive blade
  7. Share your Racket's Photo

    DHS Fang Bo B2X
  8. pin yi pi shen rubber

    For anyone curious about PinYin name, i try to explain their meaning as below: - Rubber manufacture name: 品意 - PinYi - Phẩm Ý: A dignity thinking or idea. - Black sheet name: 摧峰 - CuiFeng - Tỏa Phong: To explode a mountain top - Red sheet name: 劈山 - PiShan - Phách Sơn: To cut a mountain in half
  9. DHS Hurricane 301z carbon composition compare to FZD ALC

    I can feel the FZD ALC is faster, about 30% than 301z, i tested by the same FH rubber is 729 B2 Prov Blue Sponge 39degree and BH is MXP 2.1mm thickness. So 301z need more effort to play, but also it help to keep the ball short.
  10. DHS Hurricane 301z carbon composition compare to FZD ALC

    I have never try any Inner ZLC before, after play i think it has all the advantage of a Inner Carbon Blade e.g. short touch, close table loop, .... compare to the Outer ALC. It is a very good Inner ZLC for the price is 80$
  11. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Yasaka Masamune, this blade is after 5 month of use
  12. DHS Hurricane 301z carbon composition compare to FZD ALC

    Hello everyone, This is my first post, i hope this is useful for reference in buying this blade DHS 301z Below is the carbon composition between Z-Fiber inner layer of 301z and ALC outer layer of FZD ALC
  13. Post your latest EJ purchase

    My current set up with FZD ALC and DHS 301Z