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  1. How to get better at reading serves and returning them?

    Thank you for your answers. I have talked with my coach. Although he didn't see me play these games. Maybe I have to observe the bat better. I'm mostly looking at the person, which is often a blur if I practiced longer before. My coach told me to be more determined and firm while returning...
  2. How to get better at reading serves and returning them?

    Hi, I'm just so bad at receiving serves. I would say if it's backspin, I'm kind of confident to push them but I'm so bad at returning sidespin, float or topspin serves. Maybe I don't read them correctly and just play them as backspin or they are not as spinny as I thought. How can I improve...
  3. ITTF Mixed Team World Cup 2023, Chengdu, 12/4-10

    Interesting France vs USA last Double the Lebrun Brothers won with 11:0. Team USA seemed unprepared for the Double but fought well before that.
  4. what happened in this match

    Well, this is the source from the Chinese Social Media I'm referring to: The translation using a translator: The situation of Ni Xialian vs. Matlova With these questions in mind, the editor also expressed concern directly to Grandma Ni through friends. Grandma Ni Xialian was very nice and...
  5. what happened in this match

    From what I got on Chinese Social Media. It seems like NXL got an injury and wanted to forfeit the match but WTT didn't allow her to, so she played like this in order to get it over with.
  6. Why do professionals like ML keep his free arm near his body?

    So for someone amateur or advanced player. Is it recommended to also do it this way or let it 'free'?
  7. Why do professionals like ML keep his free arm near his body?

    Hi, Like in this short reel from Ma Long. Why does he keep his free arm around his body? I mean, surely their has to be a reason but I'm thinking if you do Topspins, does it not hinder you?
  8. WTT World Youth Champs in Slovenia

    This is what I was thinking. France might have a real chance of winning the team event if he was there.
  9. WTT World Youth Champs in Slovenia

    But if you look at the Chinese Team, for example Lin Shidong is also playing although he also playing with seniors. Then another Example the German U19 Annette Kaufmann has also been playing in Senior Competitions. There are many players with senior ranking playing in the competition. So it...
  10. WTT World Youth Champs in Slovenia

    Any idea why Felix Lebrun is not playing? He should be still eligible for U19?
  11. Need Information for the Blade: Donic Waldner Black Power

    Hi, I'm looking for more information about a blade that I have purchased in China a decade ago. It's called Donic Waldner Black Power. It seems like it was only sold in China because Donic doesn't sell this blade in Europe after inquiring their support. I'm not even sure if it is really from...
  12. Has anyone tried the new blade from Lin Gaoyuan?

    Ok, I have read some Chinese Reviews and it really seem quite lackluster. The build quality is not great and seem to be stiffer. In general the butterfly lin gaoyuan alc provides better feeling. So not worth for the price of a butterfly blade yet.
  13. Has anyone tried the new blade from Lin Gaoyuan?

    What is his verdict? Is it worth the price?
  14. Has anyone tried the new blade from Lin Gaoyuan?

    Hi, the new blade from Lin Gaoyuan's own brand Yuan Jian is out for while. There seem to be two blade called Ganz Jiang and Mo Ye, that should be identical beside their looks. I'm wondering if anyone tried these blades yet since they are in the same price range as a Butterfly Viscaria or...
  15. Palio Energy 03 comparison with Allwood Blades?

    Hi, Has someone experience with the Palio Energy 03 and can compare it with Allwood Blades? Are they similar? It has 4 Soft Carbon ply. So it's not a 5 ply wood blade by definition. I have a Palio Energy 03 and considering changing my main rubbers to it and test it. I want to try a allwood...
  16. Aliexpress and Germany

    Hi-Sport-Store, Original-pingpong-store, Shedao Offficial I think most shops are legit. Sometime the product might just be not what you have expected. That's why it's important to read the reviews.
  17. Aliexpress and Germany

    Had good experiences with premade blades and shirts. Depending on the product but took around 2-4 weeks. You can monitor the status online. Mostly DHL. Sometime they send the package to a hub in Germany and the hub sends to your address. Everything went great, no tax issues or other issues. But...
  18. Should I stick to the ALC blade as a beginner?

    Do you mean like doing topspins because you don't move your arm as low due to the blade being faster? My trainer actually said that for my level it's not necessary to go too much downwards since I can generate enough force with half the movement with the right rubber if it makes sense.
  19. Should I stick to the ALC blade as a beginner?

    Thanks! I will perhaps try a Sanwei Fextra 7 to be sure. But if I still have to improve my technique either way and I'm not playing a tournament yet I think I might stick with the Yinhe Pro 01 since it's feel good and I can just get used to it.
  20. Should I stick to the ALC blade as a beginner?

    That's why I'm confused. It has literally better feeling than the Donic Burn Offensive. I'm using the same Andro Shifter rubbers on both blade, also thickness on both sides are the same. I think I will just keep using it but since ALC are generally not recommended for advanced beginners I have...