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  1. 09c sponge better than Dignics 05 sponge?

    D05 definitively more dynamic than D09C, I use D09C on FH and D05 on BH with Viscaria Super ALC. I used to have both sides with D09C but I needed something bouncer on my BH when playing at mid distance. Spin with D05 remains very good. D09C on FH good for slow opening top spin, counter top and...
  2. Recommendation of Light Weight Rubbers

    Yes 09C is not the lightest
  3. Fan Zhendong blade series!!

    For me personaly, it helps when I'm at mid distance BH, my shots ended often in the net, now this small extra kick drives it just over 😂
  4. Backhand Rubber suggestions

    I switched from D09C to D05 for my BH, really pleased, but requires a softer feeling as it bounces quickly out. Flicks are very good and counter blocks very fast. I use Viscaria SALC.
  5. Fan Zhendong blade series!!

    Would you say that top players will switch to SALC instead of ALC in a near futur ?