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  1. Best Rubber for aggressive blocking and counter looping

    Rakza Z will do that :)
  2. Jan Ove Waldner - Donic superstar using TENERGY

    As I work at Wood House in Sweden ( Yasaka/Donic/Nittaku ) I can confirm that JO-shape is still produced. He played with Dicon back in the days. He finished his career with Waldner Senso Carbon V1.
  3. Yasaka Rakza 9 review

    Nice review! Keep up the good work Pawel!
  4. Carbon used by Yasaka in its blades

    Alnade has Polyarlyte-carbon and is made in Japan with our help from Sweden. The other blades that you mention are made in Sweden, at Wood House and is not using that kind of carbon. The productionmanager is on vacation so I´m not able to give you the answer right now. What I can say that it...
  5. Yasaka Rigan

    Hello! We recently started to send some out to stores so keep your eyes open ;) We just released some information about Rigan on our facebook page ( Yasaka Table Tennis ). You also got the chance to win one sheet of Rigan as well. Best regards Olle @ Wood House Ab/Yasaka Europe
  6. Training Donic 40+ - quality?

    The blue one ( p40 + ) is a great ball. They do not break. Before we could break 8-10 balls per practice, now 0. It is made with the lastest material aswell ( ABS ).
  7. Zhou Yu: Bluefire on backhand?

    He is sponsored by Donic. So yeah, bluefire or bluestorm.
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  9. How do you yourself notice your progression

    My coach persuades me... This is a really good question tho. I took a break for a couple of years then started again at the age of 19, just for fun. The more I played the more I understood that I wanted to develope. When I was 21 I started to take things seriously again and practiced for at...
  10. Finally Fang Bo 2!!!

    Where did you guys get it from? Link the website/s, thanks!
  11. Win a Butterfly Viscaria OFF Blade signed by Liam Pitchford!

    What are these people thinking about our Dan? 11-8 to DAN!
  12. FS FT stiga carbonado 190

    Hello there Seriver_fx! I have a timo boll alc ST at home only used for two or three sessions. But Im not interested in tradeing so if you want to buy it send me a pm for pictures
  13. Viscaria blade

    Hello! I've got one. Perfect condition. Used three Times. PM me
  14. FS: Viscaria in box. 87-88 grams.

    Yes it is, sent you a pm
  15. Best blade to pair with Mx-p?

    Sydsport har.