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  1. Need recommendation. Rubbers like dignics 05 but lighter

    Gewo Nexxus EL 48 SuperSelect
  2. Any players in NYC looking for people to play with!

    Not the first nor the last time. If you know, then you know.
  3. Any players in NYC looking for people to play with!

    NYTTF is closed, owner wasn't paying rent as usual. No longer there.
  4. Rubber advice for child.

    The answer is, it ultimately depends on their level and what they were using before. For example, someone who was using hurricane probably wouldn't use tenergy fx series. We can probably help you out more knowing these details.
  5. Please help me fix my glueing mistakes

    I use free chack 2. It may be possible that you put the rubber onto the blade before they fully dried. Also you need to find the perfect amount of glue - not too little and not too much. I personally used this guide to glue mine.
  6. Re-gluing after 2 months

    You would probably have to stretch it. But in my opinion, I don't really like to stretch rubbers. Maybe align the rubber with the blade slightly higher then you normally would.
  7. Any way to remove ink from topsheet?

    Honestly, if you play with it a bit and clean the rubber after a few points / rallies I think it'll wear off. I wouldn't use any chemicals, maybe take a paper towel with a little bit of water and rub on it lightly. But if you do plan on ordering one, you can order from
  8. Andro R42 or hybrid

    Consider checking out the Gewo nexxus EL Pro 43.
  9. Advice for changing my forehand rubber

    Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 48 SuperSelect. It is also slightly softer than the AGR. But if you want to stick with Joola, check out the ACC.
  10. Reputable equipment suppliers that we've used as buyers is pretty reputable as well. Always has discounts and ships very quickly (at least within the US).
  11. Rasanter R45

    You can search up revspin, not a spreadsheet but a website with users scoring the rubber and blades.
  12. World #90 Iba Diaw loses to Unranked Female Opponent, Calls Cheating!

    I was present at this event and Ibrahim Diaw never accused her of cheating. In fact, he stated multiple times that "She played very well." Although it is surprising to see such an upset occur, pibs /anti is the easiest way to upset someone. However, it is all perspective. I never played her...
  13. What's a better backhand rubber than G1 that's not Dignics?

    Gewo Nexxus EL 45 / 48 SuperSelect. Depending on whether you like medium / medium-hard.
  14. New BH rubber on Butterfly Primorac

    Nexxus EL 45 super select. Choose this hardness because it’s close to FX series.
  15. Adam Bobrow vs Tech YouTuber

    Peep me in the video :)
  16. Pros still playing with Tenergy 05

    I still enjoy using the older catapulty rubbers rather than hard sticky rubbers. It is just a huge difference.
  17. GEWO Nexxus series

    48 is a slightly softer D05, and 45 is a slightly softer T05. Maybe 48 would be ideal for you.
  18. GEWO Nexxus series

    Personally love the SuperSelect series.