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  1. Macau 2022

    What a stunning huge upset...FZD lost to a noname. Speechless!!!
  2. Should ittf take additional measures to slow the game down?

    Setup speed cameras around the table. Anytime a ball is hit faster than the speed limit of, let's say 60MPH or whatever ITTF thinks is slow enough, the player gets a yellow card. Replay the point. He would get a red card for the 2nd offense. Replay the point. And he would lose a point for every...
  3. Happy New Year everyone!

    Wish Y'all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!
  4. What football team do you support?

    All 32 NFL teams!!!
  5. Why single-ply hinoki not popular in plastic ball era

    He has 1 ds90 FL and 1 ds90 Cpen. He plays RPB with either blade. I think the one that flew away was the Cpen. He also has a RSM Jpen which he doesn't use anymore. He likes the feel of the ds90. And so do I.
  6. Why single-ply hinoki not popular in plastic ball era

    A mate plays rpb with the ds90. The blade flew out of his hand a few times and even hit the wall once. One time it almost hit his opponent on the head. Only a few edge dings but no split whatsoever.
  7. SDC Handmade Blades

    Can they patent a hexagonal shape? If a shape can be patented then we can patent the oval shape of the Viscaria and start suing all the TT blade manufacturers. We'd made a fortune.
  8. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    I think he meant TH.
  9. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    Am I the only one who misses ML and XX?
  10. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    Choke-moto!!! He's overrated.
  11. Do you play a musical instrument?

    I saw some rootstock bamboo on eBay. They look OK for Chinese xiao(flute) but probbly not good enough for a shakuhachi, May be use them as a experiment. I made a few bamboo flutes a few years ago. It is challenging but...
  12. WTTC 2021 - Houston - Predictions

    Was planning on going to the event but canceled after knowing ML and XX not playing. I like FZD winning ms gold and SYS ws gold.
  13. Single Ply hinoki blades

    I applied a light coat of violin varnish on the surface,
  14. Single Ply hinoki blades

    Fish scale, 80g with the red nylon knot.
  15. Single Ply hinoki blades

    My DS90 is 78g and plays like a lightsaber.
  16. Darker 5 CNF

    Sergio, will you be using CNF in the near future?
  17. Rubber warmer by Donic

    You can use the good old heat pad to achieve the same purpose.
  18. Blade Makers' Challenge - SDC Blade

    Bravo!!! Love this handle design!
  19. Is 1 Ply Kiso Hinoki good with Short Pips?

    I will be experimenting with short pips on one-ply hinoki. Typically Moristo SP on DS90. Haven't had a chance to test it out because of Covid-19. But will resuming playing in mid-April.
  20. 4 New Colour Rubbers Confirmed!

    What about gold and silver colors? I am sure these 2 colors have an advantage since the bright colors will be like laser light beams shooting at your opponents' eyes.