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  1. What do you think of Yuna Ojio's style?

    you guys haven't played enough with the grip to get any benefit :P
  2. WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023

    so happy for Lin Yun Ju, beat Hari, WCQ and ML in the same tournament, what a performance!
  3. WTT Star Contender Lanzhou 2023

    People who complained about Tu mau's performance against Izaac should watch this match
  4. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    are the Final MS streaming? Which channel we can watch on that playlist do you know? Thanks in advance
  5. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    for Ito, I believe she will get the motivation back and become stronger, probably in the next 2 years

    man, take it easy. I allowed a bit of click bait right there (Sweden instead of Cybershape team) :) it's a great video
  7. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou enjoy the men final games
  8. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    enjoy it privately man, really appreciate TTR
  9. 26th Asian Table Tennis Championship

    Now say something!! Who is ur grandpa
  10. Butterfly 05fx alternatives

    Rakza 7 soft
  11. Truls Moregardh Set to play in Chinese Super League

    Lmao, is that the guy in famous match with Shang Kun? Does he still keep serving the ball like that?
  12. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    Sorry, Tony, I just want to maintain peace here. No one is claiming that Miu is the world champion. She simply won a minor tournament (in WTT tours), and we are well aware of that. The main point is to congratulate Miu on her well-deserved victory. The "award" you mentioned could easily be seen...
  13. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    I believe the most important thing is that her confidence is back. She has been really focused, taking each point seriously, and not dwelling too much on the points she lost. Hopefully, she can maintain her motivation and secure a spot for singles in Paris 2024.
  14. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    you're completely wrong, all the cups or trophies belongs to his CHINESE, it's a fact ;)
  15. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    well, man, a trophy or award or whatever I dont care. She has just beaten World Number 1
  16. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    we call it a cup by winning a tournament. Is it ok? :)
  17. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    so happy for Miu, waiting 5 years since she won Asian championship, now she lifted a cup again
  18. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    To be fair, Ma Long only has trouble with FZD and WCQ (mostly WCQ, ML cannot handle his speed), he still eats other ones like breakfast :) IMO, he should be allowed to play as long as he wants to stop
  19. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Fan turned into Lin GaoYan, but luckily it was only 1 set LMAO Congrats Fan ZhenDong!!!!
  20. Has anyone tried Xiom Omega VII Tour i?

    they sell it here in Europe for 160 Euro per sh*t. lmao.