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  1. Men's World Cup 2019

    Go LYJ
  2. Best player in the World right now?

    T2 Diamond will determine, lots of money on the line
  3. World Team Cup 2019

    China 3-0 USA you still have to play to get results
  4. World Team Cup 2019

    Can USA Women pull off a miracle upset, by beating China
  5. 2019 Belarus Open

    Winners Emmanuel Lebesson Hina Hayata
  6. Long pimple rubbers

    I think it is posted at North Little Rock Table Tennis groups page on Facebook. You will have to search the weekly post to find it
  7. 2019 Team World Cup

    Dates: 6 to 10 November 2019 Tokyo, Japan
  8. Serving to a Pusher/Chopper

    Serve long fast backspin to their weakest side then attack return.
  9. 2019 Belarus Open

    Oct 30 - Nov 3 Huge Upset R 64 USA Lily Zhang 3-4 Marie Migot France World Rank 48 vs 210 Recently, Lily finished 4th at the Women's World Cup.
  10. 11 year old sensation Anna Hursey vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    How bout a Rematch February 2020 when she is back in the UK for a visit ...
  11. Anna Hursey UK/Wales age 13 progress

    Website New Look
  12. 17 year old Truls Moregard vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    When is Dan and Adam Bobrow going to play ?
  13. Slippery flooring in table tennis

    Walk outside in the parking lot should fix thlat.
  14. Westchester NY Monthly Open Finals

    Oct 27 Open Final
  15. Why are Evolution rubbers still less popular than tenergy?

    Pro player recognition drives the market share
  16. BOOST/TUNE Table Tennis Rubber So Easy With BABY OIL

    You can use a little less than he did in the video to get the same effect, less wait time on the dome before gluing to the blade.
  17. Moron Registry

    Do you have a friend or club member to register ?
  18. I can't put the ball on the table on the beggining of the training session.

    I corrected that by using lower spin robot settings.