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  1. Which site? pls help me !

    Try another site... If you search youtube to flv or youtube to avi you can use website, and for me is better then Downloader software.
  2. Whose the best player you've ever played against?

    There was on Olimpic Table Tennis Center of Senigallia, i toke that and i ask a signature, after some people can play 10 minute with 1 player.
  3. How many people (if any lol) want RIPPER to come back to England

    I'm sorry but this is an offense for Rugby, i follow this sport and i don't like that. In Theory i can't talk about because on rugby if Italy play vs england italy lost on 0 point i think.
  4. Whose the best player you've ever played against?

    On Senigallia during training for EuroTop12 on Arezzo (Italy) 2007.Only 10 minutes. I think that my heart arrived on 200 bpm. for remember only Schlager Signature. Uploaded with
  5. best player

    waldner sure..... But for me Kalinikos Kreanga
  6. Whos your favourite player currently, and a why?

    Kalinikos kreanga!!!!! Not for result but for BH. For style, like me. Strong BH, some people sayme that ovthcharov it's better. Some people say me that his BH is Unnaturally and not good. but i love it.
  7. To change 729 CROSS to JOOLA XPress

    Never change china product.
  8. The ranking system of each member

    Is thatm because if ou remember italian forum that we talk about, in that i have got about 1500 messages in 2-3 years.
  9. Post a Picture of Yourself Playing

    I was children on right. man on left on 70 years do 3 steps in the wall. You can?? Learning Top Spin. Right me, period on Feint Long III. 3 years that i can't make photos me, only video in DVD. I will add new photos, now with 10 kg less.
  10. Favorite games

    COD?? U don't know the Noble Team.
  11. From Italy, RoboBall.

    This was built in Senigallia where come the best ever italian Player,Costantini. He built table for blind, that make more sound about 6 yeas old. He built first strange and crooked neck blade anout 12 years old. Name of builder is Enzo Pettinelli. Last women in video is Sabrina Moretti in first...
  12. Favorite games

    Halo - Halo2 Halo3 HaloReach, COD MW2, Pes 2008, (xbox) ps2 (pINK (IT'S PINK) PINK PONG)... Dead Space.
  13. TV-Shows

    Edit in my previus post. You can see in on TVU Player, there is some china TV and TT program if you search. With CBS, ecc, Eccecc.
  14. TV-Shows

    In Italy with Mediaset it's a real problem, now we see 4 years old. For actually show you need sky or mediaset premium, and pay 60-70€ every 2 month with 100€ about for public tv. In internet you can watch all program, the big bang theory one day befor, that apppear on website with...
  15. From Italy, RoboBall.

    In senigallia there is Enzo Pettinelli, i think that is the father of strange blade whit crooked neck. He's a genius.
  16. TV-Shows

    The Big bang Theory is best Telefilm ever. My mother dont like because remember 70's. One problem is that in public italy television now appear 1st series. When in internet are in 4th and last series. After that part of Türkisch für anfänger.
  17. What football team do you support?

    Inter!!!! Ah, admin from London... sorry...
  18. The ranking system of each member

    in all forum are more then that. 100post first 250 500 1000 ecc)
  19. Italian Rules