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  1. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    He actually didn't throw racket to Camerawoman. If you watch the video its clear he throw racket on floor, then it jump from floor toward camerawoman.
  2. WTT Singapore Smash 2023
  3. Acoustic 82g vs 90g?

    Why you guys don't ask store to ship you weight you need???
  4. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    Camerawoman shouldn't stand so close to field
  5. Recent match I played.

    Yes. Didn't think about this.
  6. Butterfly harimoto alc for sale

    I didn't ask what year it released
  7. Recent match I played.

    What blade is that? How can be inner fiber but no carbon? Carbon is fiber
  8. GEWO Nexxus series

    If you like mx-p just use mx-p. Why you need Gewo? Its not cheaper then mx-p
  9. Recent match I played.

    Exactly. For right handed player camera should be at right corner
  10. Modern Defense Set Up

    Most popular defensive blade is Donic Defplay Senso V3 For long pips I recommend OX
  11. Yinhe Kiso Hinoki 9 ply all-wood blade

  12. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    Much slower then any Butterfly ALC blade. Slower then even Waldner Senso Carbon
  13. Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid AC Blade

    I tried True Carbon Inner. Its very slow.
  14. Butterfly officially announces Glazer and Glazer 09C

    Z2 you can get with 30% off from TT11
  15. Butterfly Super ZLC blade - genuine or fake?

    Fake blade never has original box with matching serial number
  16. DHS W968 review

  17. DHS W968 review