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  1. Modern defender setup

    maybe see if you’re doing your stroke wrong
  2. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    At least in those two months you don’t need to take it off and reboost it every now and then 😂 And it’s cheaper than National H3
  3. Tacky rubbers recommendations

    Victas Triple Double Extra
  4. Autograph session

    At least they have the opportunity to spend 😂
  5. Is the blade too damaged?

    I’d say you might as well get a new blade, that seems like quite a big tear.
  6. Help the UIUC Table Tennis Club go to the College TT National Championships

    A few friends of mine are on the UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) TT team ( The team did quite well in the regionals a few weeks ago, and now they’re ready to go to the nationals...
  7. Trying to buy Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin in the penhold grip

    I think it’s for everywhere, usually you can find all kinds of stuff on TaoBao, but if TaoBao is running out of stock then it’s probably Stiga discontinued it, or have very limited production of it.
  8. Trying to buy Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin in the penhold grip Here we go, copy paste on the phone is messy sometimes. But if you really want the Xu Xin version, there are some collectors editions for sale on TaoBao, that’s the ones that comes in a wood box. Or...
  9. Acoustic 82g vs 90g?

    Not sure what's insane about Nittaku Acoustic's price, compared to Butterfly blades it's fairly reasonable imo, you can get a brand new one for around 100 USD. As for weight difference... like I said, ±10g is really common among blades, and it has nothing to do with quality, every wood veneer is...
  10. Acoustic 82g vs 90g?

    ? I’m saying a variance of 10g for a model of blade is very common, what does it have to do with training?
  11. Why does it seem like I play to the level of my opponent?

    As Jeremy Clarkson puts it, "POWER!!!!!"
  12. Who is Harimoto Chinese coach?

    董崎岷 Dong Qimin Don't know his English name though.
  13. Looking for short pimples for BH recommendations

    Tsp/Victas has some really good ones.
  14. Does anyone know what is Rozena cut weight on Petr Korbel?

    It’s the same size as a Harimoto blade, so it adds about 2%, so instead of 2/3 it’s like 69%now.
  15. Who is Harimoto Chinese coach?

    That was his mom, his dad was a provincial player of Sichuan province.
  16. Who is Harimoto Chinese coach?

    I thought his dad is his coach?
  17. Does anyone know what is Rozena cut weight on Petr Korbel?

    Every sheet of rubber is different, even for the same model, but generally you can estimate the cut weight to be 2/3 of the uncut sheet, one layer of glue is usually around 3g. And when I say one layer I mean one layer on rubber and one layer on blade. So the total would be blade weight + 3g of...
  18. Barefoot shoes

    I’m actually thinking about buying a pair of barefoot shoes myself. I think they’ll help me train my footwork like you said, though I do spend most of I my time at home without shoes on… so I haven’t really decided just yet. Working from home is just such a good idea lol
  19. Barefoot shoes

    I’m talking about wearing bear foot shoes for tt in general, that’s why I didn’t quote any post in that reply. I’m just saying in a sport where you can’t guarantee you can always land in the optimal way, then wearing a pair of shoes that require you to land in that way to avoid injuries is just...