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  1. Specifically, who is Andro C48 meant for?

    Not yet available here. But what I read also seems to indicate a more grippy tensor than a more speedy Chinese rubber.
  2. What's the difference between the equipment sold commercially and the equipment used by pros

    The purpose of the contract is to supply players with material that makes them successful, so you can advertise with them. If the material isn´t good enough, players might demand their contract to be expanded to allow them to play other/better stuff - this was the case for a long time with...
  3. What's the difference between the equipment sold commercially and the equipment used by pros

    A few short points. - There are "pro" versions of some rubbers that are not available commercially, but even not every sponsored player gets them - Mostly the difference lies in the selection/quality control. - Often the difference lies only in the sponge hardness. - Some pros even play rubbers...
  4. Specifically, who is Andro C48 meant for?

    That is probably one of the great advantages of C-Rasanter over ANY other Hybrid rubber I know. Everything that came before felt still typically "Chinese" to me, despite the Tensor sponges underneath. You would have to adjust in order to have the advantages, with all the disadvantages too...
  5. Specifically, who is Andro C48 meant for?

    Bluegrip S1 puts a sticky topsheet on top on an old sponge (Acuda S1). C48 has a newly developed topsheet on a still relatively new sponge (Energy Cell). Of course both are of the "Hybrid" type hat has been trending for a while now, really taking flight from d09c onwards. But to me the S1 and...
  6. GEWO Nexxus series

    Yes, similar concept I´d say.
  7. GEWO Nexxus series

    EL stands for elastic and indicates an emphasis on spin. What XT stands for I am not sure but it indicates an emphasis on velocity.
  8. GEWO Nexxus series

    NEXXUS rubbers have a different concept (thin topsheet to enabler thicker MAX sponge), so the feeling will always be slightly different. You could try NEXXUS EL 48 as its sponge hardness is identical to that of MX-P. Technically closer to the early Evolution rubbers is the HYPE series, but...
  9. Spring Sponge vs Spring Sponge X vs ESN Sponge

    My question is whether the comparison is correct if made so generally. Spring Sponge to my understanding is one sponge available in different hardnesses - tenergy rubbers differ in topsheet design, not sponge. ESN has many different sponges, so I don´t think you would have the same experience...
  10. Do you play with equipment above your level?

    Very well said.
  11. Do you play with equipment above your level?

    That kinda sums it up. To me, personal preference matters more than "level" anyway.
  12. Tibhar FX-D or Andro C48?

    Of all blades mentioned, I know the Samsonov Alpha best. It is a really good blade and one of the few that, depending on rubbers, can be your travel companion on the road to improvement ;-) @FrenchFrog33 Take your Samsonov alpha and get rid of the K1 Hybrid rubber, but keep your FX-S. Then take...
  13. Tibhar FX-D or Andro C48?

    The final speed is depending on your stroke, but it´s quite impractical to care about it in this case. The FX-D has more catapult, therefore it´s bouncier and will feel faster on your "normal" strokes. C48 is harder to activate and feel slower on most shots. But because of its hybrid nature, if...
  14. Andro Treiber CI Off

    I think deriving a blade´s characteristics only from the frequency can be misleading. And shouldn´t for that comparison all blades tested be at least the same weight? Treiber CI as an inner carbon blade should provide good enough touch and not be an awful lot faster than a Clipper or SK7 of...
  15. Tibhar FX-D or Andro C48?

    Just for the technical side, FX-D is a "standard" Tensor rubber whereas Rasanter C 48 is a slightly sticky "Hybrid" type rubber. You would very possibly find FX-D easier to play and more predictable. C48 excels in counterspin and because of its surface can also create spinnier shots - that is...
  16. What blade Darko Jorgic playing at Europe top 16 cup.

    It´s not an Evolution rubber by name, it is simply called Infinity MX-P. And yes, it can´t be bought. The jury´s still out on whether it´ll ever be ;-)
  17. What blade Darko Jorgic playing at Europe top 16 cup.

    Good question. Is there more acceptance for "pro" equipment in other sports (can´t have what they have, so be it) or don´t fans even care?
  18. Andro All-wood Blades

    BL 5 is an excellent allround blade. Enough speed, but surely the emphasis is on feeling/"control". I think it pairs well with rubbers like GTT 40/45 for beginners or Hexer Grip/PowerGrip or even Rasanter R47. If you want some more power, go for Novacell. Of the other ones mentioned I have not...
  19. Has anybody tried Donic's new Bluestar A1?

    And also, not willing. The often used "all ESN are the same anyway" has never been less true and there are astonishing blades coming from Korea right now, but with the price tags on many rubbers and blades testing just out of curiousity has become less attractive. Add to that some rude ideas of...
  20. Tibhar Evolution FX-D

    I agree with this description. Often soft(er) rubbers lack in either spin, power or both. And as with other Tibhar Evolution rubbers, the price is competitive, especially for the quality given.