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  1. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    I guess FZD held back in the trials match 3 weeks ago. Did Ma Long do the same today by not showing his tactics for the WTTC in May which has much more prestige? I don’t say they don’t want to win these matches, especially today’s final. But I think they show less variation in serves and...
  2. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    Rozena‘s durability is quite poor.
  3. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    No, she trains in Germany 99% of her time. She does play for a Japanese team though from time to time.
  4. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    Yes, that must result in a ban.
  5. How good will Lin Shidong be?

    He uses a custom Butterfly ALC blade with H3 and 09c
  6. Tenergy 05 but less bouncy

    Maybe just use a thinner sponge
  7. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    Tibhar Syntt is an old ball that no one should use. It’s from of an outdated material, CA, instead of ABS. the Syntt NG is the ball you should use from Tibhar.
  8. Dealing with sticky / dampened floor

    Between points step on a wet towel to enhance your grip. Regarding the bounce there’s not really something you can do except trying to adapt.
  9. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    I agree! Both excellent balls and equally good but not identical regarding play.
  10. DHS now sell Hurricane 3 in players name?

    They have for 2-3 years I think
  11. Which countries are considered strongest in TT at the club level?

    there are many countries where the average player is stronger than in the US. For sure in China, Japan and many European countries like Germany, Sweden, France etc.
  12. Difference between Joola tables

    There are actually not that many different manufacturers. Joola tables are unique but many other brands' tables are just Sponeta tables with a different label. Some of Andro, Butterfly etc...
  13. FS: BTY Viscaria FL, 93 and 90 grams

    Hello,I would like to sell 2 rare rockets: 2 Viscaria FL in very rare weights of 93 and 90 grams. Those are very hard to find nowadays. Both blades are from the T-Series. I only have the box for the lighter one but I will ship the blades well packaged. BTY Viscaria FL 93 grams, very good...
  14. Help my boredom—— QnA thread

    How and how often do good player boost their H3s or change them?
  15. Dignics 09c in cold weather

    Low temperature = harder balls and harder and less elastic rubbers. Nothing you can do except picking a softer rubber.
  16. Why did Benedikt Duda receive an Olympic bronze medal?

    Coaches and substitutes don’t get a medal at the Olympics afaik.
  17. Why did Benedikt Duda receive an Olympic bronze medal?

    He did not, it’s Dima‘s Singles medal and a nice gesture because Duda did not get a silver medal.
  18. The Orange Ball should be the standard ball

    Only if play at non-professional locations. I never play with white balls/shirts or so.
  19. Chinese Rubber=No Catapult : Wrong????

    Sorry but that’s just BS. If you can’t get enough speed out of H3, then you’re using it wrong. Neo sponge, when boosted, can be very fast, especially the harder versions like 41 or more degrees. But to access that power, you must have good technique and fitness.