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  1. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    MA Long very dominant against Hugo CALDERANO... CALDERANO had to fight hard just to avoid humiliation. Once again, a great final between MA Long and FAN Zhendong awaits us...
  2. What's wrong with coach Ma Lin ?

    Not just Ma Lin, but generally speaking, i find that all CNT coaches seem to be angry and yell to their players when they are in a bad situation. i understand you want to shake up your player and reignite their instincts, but that can also undermine their confidence or give them extra stress. I...
  3. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Kasumi is gonna retire soon...but she managed to survive Zeio
  4. What's wrong with coach Ma Lin ?

    it was the first time though and very unusual. maybe she had a bad day. Yuan was very good too
  5. What's wrong with coach Ma Lin ?

    WANG Manyu and SUN Yingsha still there, they are very solid, can't see who would beat them.
  6. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    theres nobody watching, what a shame
  7. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    yes its surprising. i saw G5 and HAYATA was unrecognizable. dunno what happened. doesn't bode well for WTTC ITO lost to a more worthy opponent, she made a comeback in G4 while the other had quite some luck but G5 the reverse happened as she wasted her chance as a JNT fan, now i must hope that...
  8. Why does it seem like I play to the level of my opponent?

    you are exactly describing me. i don't play enough players with floats/ slow balls and i struggle with those especially to my BH. then mental does the rest. i described what happened to my last tournament in the other thread where i lost to a beginner chopper with LP perhaps 300 or more...
  9. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    i agree, she's still young and talented, everything is still possible. Ito has always said she wants to be creative and innovative to surprise her opponents. Which she does, but errors are too high because she hasn't time to perfect enough those new tactics/ shots. Maybe she will do some...
  10. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    the problem is that she loses to other players than Chinese players. she lost in T-League to Cheng I-Ching although she got her revenge days later in WTT. more importantly she lost to junior player Sakura YOKOI in the national champs in January and if I'm correct, Miwa HARIMOTO won against...
  11. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    didn't see the match. Seeing the result. Mima lost 10-12 in the decider against QIAN Tianyi. can't say i'm surprised. Mima's results have been a bit downhill for a while. i think there is too much pressure on her, as she is seeing many rivals emerging in Japan, even KIHARA is in front of her in...
  12. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    indeed, i watched her match against Miyu NAGASAKI, and even though CHEN Meng did prevail 3-1, she didn't seem very confident, and her body language showed frustration at times CHEN Meng also lost to SZOCS recently, but that was a huge performance from the Romanian. HIRANO won a thriller match...
  13. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    what happened to CHEN Meng ???
  14. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    yesterday went to a mini tournament. 1st match i play against a young defender kid with LP, he's a beginner and should be like 300 points below me. he's not consistent in defense, not very dangerous attacking FH or BH. I cruise 11-4 in G1. and then i must have thought the match is over. and...
  15. What sports shirt do you guys wear?

    Mizuno, Victas, Nittaku, Tibhar etc... i like official goods, got French, Japan and China uniforms
  16. How low/wide should the stance be?

    the widest and lowest you can as long as you can still move fast. requires training. the more you do basic drills, the stronger your body will become so you can have a better stance. any training / fitness outside the gym is also beneficial
  17. Tibhar Hybrid MK review

    used it for 6 weeks and i'm playing more like 8 hours a week. its still good. on BH K3 looks more used, but still feels good
  18. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    little victories: - yesterday got a win over a guy i hadn't won in more than 2 years. at the time i was winning like 30% only but usually giving good challenges but he improved and i've been dominated since. Yesterday, maybe apart from G1 where he gave freebies thanks to serve miss, its not him...
  19. I Played In A National Tournament; This Is My Diary

    so how did you manage to transform so quickly from a recreational player to a national level player ?
  20. Miwa Harimoto

    (may need a VPN) super cuteness