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  1. Palio Master 3 (Upgrading rubbers - Sriver or Rozena)

    Hi, I enjoy the Palio Master 3 racquet but looking at getting a better rubber, would you recommend the Sriver or Rozena? Would the sriver or rozena be better? Would it be to big a jump with the current rubber? I still want the control that I have but a bit more pace and spin? Would the blade...
  2. Palio Expert 3 vs Master 3 (Has any one used both query)

    Hi , I have been enjoying the Palio expert 3 and enjoy playing matches with it. I noticed the Master 3 is about 15 grams lighter than the expert 3 (175 vs160g) and I heard that generally heavier bats you can put more pace on the ball. They say the master 3 is a faster bat than the expert 3 so...
  3. Which one ?- Joola Speed or Butterfly 401 (first post)

    Yes that the two options. Thanks for the feedback. Has anyone used both models. Thanks Steve
  4. Which one ?- Joola Speed or Butterfly 401 (first post)

    Hi, that's correct I start comp next week and need one. I can get one of them quickly. Has anyone used the Mark Smyth development bat too? Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks Steve
  5. Which one ?- Joola Speed or Butterfly 401 (first post)

    Hi, This is my first post here. I am wanting to buy a new bat as I am just starting out in competition. I am looking at the Joola Speed or Butterfly TBC 401 as they are both within my price range. Which would be the best bat? Which has more , control speed and spin - all rounder. What does TBC...