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  1. Your thoughts on shortpimples

    Limited experience with these but fwiw. A guy at the club plays cpen block/smash with inverted and he switched to colored spinfire on one side. He is using a hexagon (cybershape) and some other very fast blade. The spinfire really works for him. It blocks better than his inverted, and...
  2. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    Interesting. In the US rozena was $40 for years already (on sale, but sale went forever). Glayzer will be $54 to start.
  3. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    D09c too hard, not dynamic at all. Prefer H8 or Battle 2 if I would use a hard rubber. D05 I tried only on other people's bat, but was so bouncy and uncontrollable I felt no desire to spend $90 to try on my own blade. That's just me, obviously they work for other players. But since the OP...
  4. Will practicing on a 13mm table affect tournament play?

    No. Not at all, when compared to the difference between practicing and not practicing because you are scared the table will mess you up. Practice.
  5. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    This is not my experience with Rozena. Mine last about as long as normal tenergy and longer than fx. At an intermediate level, basically everyone writing on a forum, Butterfly offers three options imo. Depending what you prioritize, choose: Rozena if you want to land more loops on the table...
  6. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    for the same reason why we do not speak Chinese
  7. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    Imo Filus should be made to attend remedial safe-bat-throw training in place of all his normal training sessions for the next month. Penalty enough, and will protect future camera people and ballkids.
  8. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    One topspin one push works well vs choppers. Against LP pushblockers it works exactly until you meet one who can take your heavy topspin and block it back with light backspin or even dead. In the US usually ~1800 rating. When you push that you are fucked.
  9. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    No, I never used any of the hard ESN stuff. I'm too weak for hard sponge, it does nothing for me. My rubber ejing is pretty limited. I played T05/fx/80/fx for years. Then G1 for years, wasted a year on battle 2 and various hurricanes boosted and not, and now circled back to rozena.
  10. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    A lot of robot training equals death vs long pips. The skill with lp is really watching the ball to see how much reversal or no-spin or whatever junk they applied to the ball. Robots train you out of looking closely at the ball, which is why they are a net negative except in strictly limited use.
  11. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    Work on positioning your body further from the ball by a few cm. All else equal that will move your contact point nearer to the sweet spot. Rozena is good. I just went back to it after two sheets of T05fx. I play slightly worse with tenergy at twice the price.
  12. Backhand rubbers? Is d09c too much for a beginner-intermediate player?

    Is d09c too much for a beginner-intermediate player? Yes.
  13. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    This forehand is very very nice.
  14. My loop issue

    I have several scars from looping myself in the forehead. Mainly when training vs chop, after the first thousand loops I got sloppy form. Two Three pieces of advice I can offer. 1. Rotate your torso and shoulders as you swing. Head-looping is caused by the arm swinging as the body stays...
  15. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    That makes total sense, and is one of the concepts NL harped on for years - having the broadest possible range of contacts for all your strokes so you can adapt to most balls.
  16. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    Maybe this is what I am missing - what is the problem with an open coming back as a block? A pattern where you are the looper and opponent is only a blocker is kind of the dream. You can loop pretty much infinitely until your unwilling blocker misses. We have different definitions of attack...
  17. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    I play at a club where we get to coach the newer players before and after the match play. This sort of hard (aka thick) contact is exactly what I am asking my five learners NOT to do. imo you will never consistently play spinny shots on the table with that much force. It looks good in...
  18. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    I am rubbish with TJ advice so take fwiw. Both strokes look a bit effortful to me. As if you want to force the ball to spin instead of spinning it with feeling. It works, and both are very serviceable strokes. There may be a limit on how much spin you can generate by force, that would...
  19. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

    Thanks for watching, and great comments LDM7. I put some thoughts in-line above.
  20. How Did I Win or Lose a Match?