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  1. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    It's quite hard, cca 42,5, and rel. heavy. The sponge is marginally more elastic than the not-boosted H3 BS H41, I'd say it is approx. like H3 BS boosted with 1-2 layers. To put into some perspective, for me the diff. in elasticity between H3 BS and NH3BS is a bit less than between H3 H37 and...
  2. Welcome to TableTennisDaily 3.0 - Bug Report

    Dan, any chance to add the private threads??? I see 2 incarnations: 1. reg-only thread Only registered users see and can read the thread. This should be easy to implement. 2. private thread The OP has a set of trustees. When OP starts a private thread, only his trustees (and admin)...
  3. What song are u listening to now?

    Victoriya - Medicine
  4. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    The season is over now. Today I played my last match while ML and FZD started to play their final... At least in something we do overlap... I made some progress but the team goes down one level. Hmm. The future - uncertain. I need a medicine.
  5. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Imo, the credit for that goes to Truls Moregard. Cheers.
  6. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Rooting for ML, but betting on FZD. 4:2. Isn't it impolite from both of us while the match is still in progress?
  7. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Back angle for me... Still great we can pick... The 4th was tight. This 3:0 lead, then exhale, relax, loose 1 set seems somewhat common and natural...
  8. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Sorry to hear... TM put hell of a fight. Incredible! He's bat-shit crazy. But FZD is FZD.
  9. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    YT doesn't work in UK?
  10. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    In the context of this thread, having an approximation is not necessary. Neither for the expected win-rate, nor for the real win-rate. Actually, it is a distraction. And having an equation for the approximation, is by extension, even less necessary. This is from my perspective, and I am...
  11. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    What is "real" data?
  12. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Yesterday I drunk a bit of Slivovica, I said what I said about the community and whatnot... I think NL and USDC understand it, and tried to cheer me by giving me a like to that post, which I actually wanted to delete the next day, even though I actually mean it. Today I was snowboarding with my...
  13. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    :- )))) You're a lost case. But this is a community, actually an amazing community. And I'm in a good mood, because before couple of hours I realized zeio started writing again, and I had a good laugh reading Zwill's post (which I missed because I was busy), and I enjoyed ttarc's and Richie's...
  14. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    No, it's not the goal at all. We have the USATT rules, and those rules imply the expected win-rate graph, in this case the blue "discrete" graph. And the goal is to have such rules, that the approximation of this implied "discrete" blue graph (expected win-rate), is as close match to the reality...
  15. Will practicing on a 13mm table affect tournament play?

    DON'T READ THIS: (It's not me, it's ChatGPT I swear) As the importance of precision in the different types of practise increases, so increases how negatively (or less positively) the training on 13mm table affects your tournament play. The measure of the "goodness" of this affect/influence is...
  16. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Seriously??? So I write a post in which I thank to hclnnkhg and OldUser for "their" posts. You react to this very post, and say, they are wrong in this and that (which was btw. not necessary, because it was repeated). I force myself to reply to you, and say that "their" post was useful...
  17. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Yes. How can it be, that I truly honestly consider their posts as useful for me? How can that be, that regardless whether they are right or wrong in the things you point out, they really were useful for me? Well, it is simply because we, you and I, focus on different things.
  18. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    What you did was great. I was just at the moment really completely dim to come up with ideas how you want to relate the level and the ratings/rules. For me the ratings do reflect the level. And OldUser gave me that way - compare the expected win-rate with the real win-rate. The real win-rate is...
  19. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Looks fine to me too. The range is <0.5, 1>. Maybe <50, 100> was expected? Just multiply by 100 then... Anyway, having equation for the approximation of the red-dotted line is an extra plus. Not a point of the discussion...
  20. USTTA rating v.s. expected win-rate

    Thanks hclnnkhg. I like it. I understand the derivation of the expected win-rate from the USATT rules, but I don't understand the quoted sentences above. What do you mean by the words "skill levels" and "level" there? Do you mean real player's level? Please explain, how does it help you to...