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  1. Tibhar K3 Hybrid and Victas > 22 double extra

    I heard from people that k3 was slightly easier to engage than c53, and i agree. I wanted a little more headroom on shots where my confidence was not 100%. Thats also the reason im interested in v22, softer sponge means a bigger headroom.
  2. Tibhar K3 Hybrid and Victas > 22 double extra

    Well, v>22 has a soft topsheet, so it should still be softer than k3. And both rubbers dont have to be hybrid or tensors to compare them to one another.
  3. Tibhar K3 Hybrid and Victas > 22 double extra

    Hey everyone, I recently switched from C53 to K3 and like the change. I do wonder sometimes though if I should maybe switch to a rubber which is a tad softer. I saw the V>22 was 50 degrees, rather than the 53 degrees of the K3. I was wondering if anyone has been able to try these and compare...
  4. Victas Catalogue

    Hey all, I wanted to check out the Victas catalogue online. But whenever i go to the Victas website i get a 403 forbidden error. Anyone else have this issue? Or know a workaround?
  5. Tibhar K3 Hybrid and MX-P (And C53)

    Hello all, A long time ago I tried the MX-P rubber and liked the feeling of it a lot. However, due to the lower spin when compared to other rubbers I decided to choose another rubber. Now with the K3 hybrid's release I was once again interested in Tibhar. Most of the reviews I find online are...
  6. What do you think is the best tournament ball?

    I have used DHS, Butterfly, Nittaku, Andro, XuShoaFa and the Joola. I really love the Joola flash, especially when combined with the price. Im getting them now each time!
  7. FS: Lots of stuff

    Another bump.
  8. Lesson Learned - I regret Boosting my Stiga DNA Dragon Grip

    I boost all my rubbers and use only ESN rubbers and I never use more than 1 layer. I did two layers once and it completely bricked the rubber. While one layer softens it up and allows you to give more speed and spin, 2 layers goes too far. With 2 layers the rubber will dome too much thus causing...
  9. My newly bought table tennis bat is too fast, what can I do?

    I just looked at the pictures. This blade has 4 carbon layers, so is similar to the joola quattro carbon. Meaning this is one hell of a fast blade, probably one of the fastest out there. As a beginner this blade is impossible to use. I would advise to buy something new and all round instead of...
  10. Aruna Quadri (Nigeria)

    I think he started under Joola and has now switched to Gewo (he now only uses Gewo equipment as far as i know).
  11. Dynaryz ZGR vs Rakza Z Extra Hard

    I think you might have been mistaken with AGR. While AGR is still 50 degrees, and i find it hard to believe you can easily top that out, it does feel very soft. ZGR however is very hard. I have not played with RZEH but i can say that in comparison with D09C i like ZGR a lot. Its cheaper for...
  12. Joola Rhyzen ZGR vs Bluegrip c2 etc. for Hurricane 3 replacement

    C2 is 55 degrees and C1 is 60 degrees. So its not as bad.
  13. Joola Dynaryz ZGR and CMD rubbers

    It depends on the rubber you come from. Id say both are easy to use (relative to one another) its just that d09c has a very pronounced arc which is much lower on the ZGR. So coming from most rubbers you would really need to adjust your entire stroke if you switch to d09c. The main point for me...
  14. FS: Lots of stuff

    The assorted section is with rubbers that have seen more play than the above mentioned. The first part is rubbers from my EJ journey and have thus not been used much. The latter has been used by me prior to EJ and are both older and a bit more worn. shipping to China should be doable. But the...
  15. FS: Lots of stuff

    It is indeed still for sale!
  16. Joola Dynaryz ZGR and CMD rubbers

    I havent used rakza z eh (or regular one) but have used the other two. When i first used zgr out of the package it was very hard and more difficult to generate spin. But when the stroke was correct the spin was excellent. After trying it "clean" i boosted the rubber and that helped a LOT. The...
  17. FS: Lots of stuff

    Edit 10/08/2022: All prices and listings have been updated (things have been sold, traded, added or prices have been lowered). I have once again bumped this post in the hopes to sell some of my stuff. Hello everyone, The last three years I've been EJ'ing and have built up a little collection...
  18. Gewo codexx rubbers

    Hey all, Recently Gewo releases their new hybrid rubbers, the codexx series. I was wondering if any of you had any experience playing with this rubber and what your thoughts and opinions were. With kind regards, Martijn Heemskerk