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  1. DHS Hurricane Long 5 vs Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC

    Challenge accepted. Show & tell again in Jul-23 where I'll play in a major amateur tourney. I'll only show the singles footage. P/s there are no league in my country. Here it is only winner takes all, losers go home all the way! Hurrah!
  2. DHS Hurricane Long 5 vs Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC

    I have little story to share. Hopefully some of us will not find it too boring. A few years ago I had the good fortune to dine in some fancy sushi restaurant where the chef himself is also the owner. I sat at the main counter ( not table ) and watched him prepare his craft and the enjoyed the...
  3. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Sure my friend. I'll video my next coaching session which will be in Apr23.
  4. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Ha ha ha, apparently I am one of a kind. No one I know in my TT circle uses similar TT equipment as I do. I've just remembered something. During my first few lessons with him, I was using Stiga All Round Classic with neoH2 both side. After six lessons or so, he told me to get rid of it and use...
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Guilty as charged. To put in some context, I only started serious TT in Jan-22 at a fantabulous age of late forties. Previously I was a garage / rec player due to the COVID lockdown, I had nothing else to do in 2019, 2000 & 2021 during the lockdown. Serious here means getting proper coaching. I...
  6. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    My lil'friend and I have moved past the courting stage and now in the newly married stage. Give us some time and soon we'll go to the stage where we'll complete each other sentences sub consciously. Slowly, but surely.
  7. DHS Hurricane Long 5 vs Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC

    To me equipment is important coz: Before equipping my lil'friend I am like: whereas after equipping with my lil'friend: Its all about belief. 😎
  8. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I've checked through my YT archive and my last coaching recording was more than six months ago. My recent recordings are mainly match play.
  9. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Yup! Gonna do this.
  10. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I don't have a recent video on this. However in my last practice with my coach last weekend, my success rate is to my satisfaction ( 70 - 80% ) - that is if I mentally recalled but most probably may not be accurate due to self-bias or this allegedly high percentage is probably due to what USDC...
  11. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Yes! I'm gonna do this in my next practice, even if I have to lose many games, so be it. I need to re-strategize or reinvent my game style for a small tourney in mid-April or if unable to, to prep myself for a major tourney at the end of July this year.
  12. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Yeah, you are right, it is a mental / habit thing. It is not like I cannot FH topspin / loop. It is just I can't do it when under pressure during match play where my opponent is making things hard for me. It is something I need to practice and mentally remind myself.
  13. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Oh guys, I forget to mention, when I am doing stroke I can loop with nice trajectory but when it comes to match, I somehow flat slap the ball. What is wrong? Any TT doctor in the house can diagnose this problem?
  14. DHS Hurricane Long 5 vs Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC

    this is just too easy: BH lover = Harimoto whereas FH lover = HL5. Problem solved. If unsure, still get Harimoto coz I know with HL5 you'll wanna loop FH all day. Why? I have a HL5 and I recall there is just some magic in it, I suspect is the ergonomic of the handle.
  15. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    This is soooooooo me... Pips balls always gets me mis-timing. Hate pips!
  16. 1980s Stiga Allround blade - worth reusing ?

    I opinion is that using Yasaka Mark V on Stiga All-round will be very exhausting. You need to generate immense power just to get the ball over especially in topspin to topspin play. Your arm will be burning after a short while.
  17. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    1. This is not a rebuttal but take it more as a conversation between people of like mindedness. 2. Next's point is centered mostly that new or developing player should use slower set-up ( five ply wood etc ). This is the consensus amongst most TT players and is a widely accepted narrative /...
  18. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Thanks for your advise. In the mean time I shall be working my arse off on improving my FH like how I previously did with my BH together with my coach. Video show & tell again to you and others in six weeks' time at my next little tourney.
  19. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    it is on par with H3 National at half the price. I have said it before and I say it again: Anyone who thinks he / she want to buy Nat H3, save the money and buy two pcs of the Nitakku Blue Sponge version instead. For me, it is a bargain and it must be boosted to be used. The hardness is around...
  20. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    I have Nittaku H3 Blue Sponge and it is as heavy as brick.