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  1. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    It might be worth understanding how good your doubles partner is. Even in that one shot you showed, you made the winning shot because her really set you up to make the shot.
  2. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Okay. It would be worth your while to get yourself a video of you looping backspin after backspin after backspin and seeing things like your success rate and how it looks to do a few buckets of balls where you are just looping backspin over and over again. Doing it is good. But seeing it will...
  3. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Do you have footage from within the past 4 months where the coach is feeding you backspin and you are looping with FH? If it is within the past several months, it will still show a lot.
  4. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    You don't have to play games to practice 3rd ball attack. It is better if it is not in game. You find someone who is willing to train instead of playing games. Then you do this: a) You serve backspin short b) training partner pushes medium long to the middle of the table c) YOU LOOP WITH FH...
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    You would need to practice it during game simulation, but the first thing you need to practice is being reset way way way way sooner.
  6. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    In the previous post I am talking about this video: And Here: The point I am talking about begins with your serve at the 6:10 time on the video: First screen grab: You are clearly still holding the racket with the grip from the serve while opponent is pushing: You have moved all the way...
  7. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I think you have heard this before: when you being fed the ball by your coach, he is giving you good quality balls to loop and you are able to predict where the ball is going. The ball is being fed to you. In match play, does the opponent try to hit the ball perfectly to your FH with the...
  8. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Those Tube All and Tube Off blades really felt great. But, yeah, these days, with the 40+ Poly ball, they are not quite fast enough for a player who is at a decent level.
  9. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Just something to note with a faster blade, especially if you are not really spinning the ball but instead slapping it: With a faster blade, the arc of your shot will have a flatter trajectory because the ball going faster (even if it had a lot of spin) will have less of the arc that topspin...
  10. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I am willing to put money on it that, if Gozo took 6 months to only play with that Acoustic, and put whatever rubbers he wanted on it, he would improve faster and within 2-3 months would be winning more frequently, handling return of serve, short game and placement on attacking shots with the...
  11. Video Footage Safe Thread

    This point about being set early, seeing what the opponent is doing so you can be moving to it as they are making the shot..... Footage from real people at an achievable level is, in many cases, more valuable than footage from the pros.
  12. Video Footage Safe Thread

    The key point is knowing how to position yourself rather than being in a position without even knowing why you are in that position. :) If you are on the BH side and ready for any ball, you can cover BH and wide BH with the BH, you also can cover the whole table, from BH corner to wide FH with...
  13. Decent racket for intermediate level

    If you are using Hinoki and you are saying you like blades hard, it is very possible that are talking out of both sides of your mouth. :) Hinoki is one of the softer woods for blades. That is part of why someone who knows how to spin the ball well can do magic tricks with a Hinoki bade. The...
  14. Decent racket for intermediate level

    Adding to what boltnut said, Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive is a really hard blade and feels very unforgiving. It might be good for a skilled penhold player. But the times I have tried, the top ply felt like granite. I would not recommend that blade to someone just getting back into the sport...
  15. New paddle suggestions

    Just making sure you know this thread is old and dead and was woken up by what looks like it may be a bot this morning.
  16. Video Footage Safe Thread

    cytivrat is now approved to post commentary on footage in this thread.
  17. New Stiga Mantra Pro

    Google Translate: In the future, could you use something like google translate to translate your post into English the way you translated Thomas.Pong's post into Czech? I don't think it is a big deal. But there were a few people who reported this post for not being in English. Thanks.
  18. NEW Stiga Mantra Pro

    Google Translate: Since, clearly, you used something to translate Victor's post into Portuguese, you should be able to use something to translate your post into English so people on the forum can read it. I honestly don't think it is a big deal. But there have been some reports where people...
  19. Video Footage Safe Thread

    cytivrat, you may want to read the first post of this thread which gives special rules for this thread. Your post seems okay. So I am not going to delete it. should know that this is a thread where only certain people are allowed to comment on footage.
  20. I lost my spark for playing TT

    I guess, one question here would be: how many of you guys would consider using the term "coaching" in reference to bonking a ball around casually in a social setting? And would that version of "coaching", where you are purposely hitting the ball with no spin so your girlfriend can get the...