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  1. What year did Hurricane 3 come out?

    I played with super sriver in 1974, maybe even earlier.., Cheers L-zr
  2. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Actually in my club I haven’t seen a single one yet… 😉 Cheers L-zr
  3. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Something about this green color makes me cringe…. Cheers L-zr
  4. 1980s Stiga Allround blade - worth reusing ?

    Definitely keep the blade, it’s better quality than the new blades. For playing you can use it or get a new one it doesn’t matter much. About the slowness that can be fixed by using a faster rubber. My guess is that a MarkV will be really slow on that blade and I suggest a Yasaka Rakza 7...
  5. What does Rakza 7 play like?

    Rakza 7 does everything pretty good but is not best at anything. It’s an excellent rubber for beginners up to intermediate players. Even beyond this Cheers L-zr
  6. Is the blade too damaged?

    You are too old to be in the use and throw away generation. 😉 Cheers L-zr
  7. What’s NOT good with Rozena?

    Rozena and Tenergy are not even playing in the same league. Its like comparing a Porsche 911 to a WW Beatle. No way that Rozena is spinnier than T05FX. It doesn't even come close. Cheers L-zr
  8. Is the blade too damaged?

    Fixable as long as the core layer is intact. Depends on how much you like this particular blade. I would fix it regardless. But I would not use the old wood. I would take new wood and cut away the old. Such a small area close to the edge means no real degradation of funcionality. Use any type of...
  9. Why does it seem like I play to the level of my opponent?

    Try teaching Yourself not to care so much if You win or loose... Cheers L-zr
  10. Hammond Z2

    Correct, nothing at all like Mantra. I own 2 identical blades. The reason I abandoned SDC was to try rubbers under identical conditions. Now I have. On one blade I have tenergy05 on FH and tenergy 05FX on backhand. Last week TT11 had Hammond Z2 on sale and I had just read Thomas pong saying...
  11. Hammond Z2

    Impossible, I’m not getting close to a Mantra anytime soon. Cheers L-zr
  12. Hammond Z2

    I disagree totally, T05 is much more dynamic. With Mantra not much at all happens. If Hammond Z2 is similar it will be dead for me, I will report back in this thread soon. Cheers L-zr
  13. Hammond Z2

    Hmm, I just got two sheets from TT11 s weekly special last week. Thing is I really hate Stiga Mantra. I really hope this isn’t similar. Cheers L-zr
  14. I Played In A National Tournament; This Is My Diary

    Man the light was really annoying. Is this only on the videos or was it really like this? Cheers L-zr
  15. Spring Sponge vs Spring Sponge X vs ESN Sponge

    You're sure it's not "flubber" ? :) Cheers L-zr
  16. Will practicing on a 13mm table affect tournament play?

    No it will not… I can not tell the difference except for the sound. The ball makes a bigger difference. Cheers L-zt

    ..and return to the opponent’s side of the table...
  18. Describe your very first feeling after playing with Tenergy

    This can not be correct, T19 usages the exact same sponge as T05. As far as I understand it feels actually softer, but if anything it must be marginal. The hardness I think is less important than the bounciness. I love my T05, but I am planning to try T19 at one time. I have some sheets that are...
  19. Describe your very first feeling after playing with Tenergy

    What is better about it compared to T05? Cheers L-zr
  20. Describe your very first feeling after playing with Tenergy

    Hell yea, that was a real big jump. Cheers L-zr