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  1. SDC Handmade Blades

    I've made a few, not many. Balsa is very light, if you use a "regular" core then the blade will have no mass. No mass means no power, so they use thick cores to increase the stiffness. Of course you can also use denser outer plies in a thinner composition and get some extra stiffness that way...
  2. SDC Handmade Blades

    Do you mean on the blade? That's just the lighting condition of the photo. Also because I sand the edges smooth, I don't leave the fibers fraying like DHS.
  3. SDC Handmade Blades

    Typical HL5 composition but with a slightly thicker core, but not as thick as the HL5X. Available FS. - Limba / Ayous / AC# / Ayous / AC# / Ayous / Limba - 91.2g - 5.95mm - 158x150mm - ST (101x28x23mm) - 1356Hz - Balance: 2.9cm (Low/Med)
  4. SDC Handmade Blades

    This is another case where the frequency reading is misleading. The 1250Hz value would suggest a little faster blade, but the core is so light, that it doesn't have the mass to support higher speeds. However, that extra stiffness helps with the stability of the blade, and makes it a little...
  5. SDC Handmade Blades

    Inner fiber blade with a thick core that provides extra stiffness, and a relatively hard Smoked Eucalyptus outer ply for that crisp and direct feel. On the handle we have various exotic woods such as Zebrano, Wenge, Ebony, Padauk and Purple Heart. Available FS. - Smoked Eucalyptus / Ayous /...
  6. SDC Handmade Blades

    MM ALC composition with a slightly larger head size. The completely random handle pattern makes this one a truly unique blade and impossible to fully replicate. Available FS. - Limba / ALC / Ayous / Kiri / Ayous / ALC / Limba - 85.7g - 6.05mm - 158x152mm - ST (102x28x23mm) - 1356Hz - Balance...
  7. Correlation between blade's weight and blade's flex

    What Brokenball is saying is that stiffness is highly dependent on the individual stiffness of the outer layers and how far apart they are. If we talk about commercial blades, let's say Viscaria for example, we can assume the weight of the handle is the same, so the only difference in weight is...
  8. SDC Handmade Blades

    This is an outer fiber blade with a Etimoe outer layer. Etimoe has crisp feeling and it's a nice alternative to Koto (not that it really needs one). Unlike most outer fiber blades, this one wasn't designed for more speed, but to encompass some of the advantages of a typical outer fiber blade...
  9. SDC Handmade Blades

    Very stiff blade with a compact head size, for aggressive play near the table. Available FS. - Poplar / Cypress / TC160 / Kiri / TC160 / Cypress / Poplar - 85.0g - 7.25mm - 158x150mm - CS (82x24.0x33mm) - 1916Hz - Balance: 3.6cm
  10. SDC Handmade Blades

    DHS uses Aramid-Carbon on the HL5 and W968, not ALC. I've written this somewhere else, the composition on those blades isn't exactly the same, there is a fundamental difference between them. The commercial version of the HL5 uses (or used, it appears they may have changed this) what I call Ay-C...
  11. SDC Handmade Blades

    Yes, very close. The price will depend on the handle design, you can check my prices here:
  12. SDC Handmade Blades

    Rotating fibers only works if the weave pattern is symmetrical in both directions. For a plain fabric this is always the case, such as textreme-carbon. With ZLC for example, it is really not advised, the fabric only has carbon in one direction and zylon in the other. If you rotate the fabric...
  13. SDC Handmade Blades

    I've made a few, including for forum members, and the feedback was good. I'm getting more and more requests for them, it seems that this composition is increasing in popularity.
  14. SDC Handmade Blades

    The Chestnut I used here was around 460 kg/m3, but yes, the difference would be 2-3g. I just think that 100g hits a psychological mark that most players are not comfortable with. Of course I could use a lighter core to compensate for that... I don't have any Horse Chestnut but it does sound...
  15. SDC Handmade Blades

    It would be interesting, but what about the weight? This is already a 98g blade, if I use a heavier outer ply the weight will increase even more.
  16. SDC Handmade Blades

    The Butterfly JSH is a very popular defensive blade, but it was discontinued. I've had many requests for this composition, but until now I wasn't able to make it because it uses a particular combination of woods that are hard to find. Anybody who has used it knows that it's fast for a defensive...
  17. SDC Handmade Blades

    Yes, it's a bit freaky but I assure you the layer is perfectly smooth 🙂.
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  20. Stolen Blade

    That was my sole intention with this thread.