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  1. What does Rakza 7 play like?

    Ik zou ook eens kijken naar Andro Hexer Grip SFX het niet met een Rakza 7, maar vond het erg prettig om te spelen en in veel situaties beter dan de Yasaka.
  2. SDC Handmade Blades

    Little bit more stiff than mine: Composition: Hinoki / Ayous / I-C / Ayous / I-C / Ayous / Hinoki Head-size: 150x157mm Handvat: FL 90.0g - 6.05mm - 1230Hz - Balance: 3.1cm (Med)
  3. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    I think the interest is on the thin side
  4. What does Rakza 7 play like?

    Rakza 7 is good for your BH (block & opening) but I would never put it on my FH, but that is a matter of preference of course.
  5. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    I've written it here before, a long time ago, but Harimoto's reaction time is a lot slower than his colleagues. Certainly his RH > FH movement is noticeably lower than his opponents of the same level
  6. Andro TP_Ligna series

    Maybe he doesn't work for Andro anymore. Try this one:
  7. Andro TP_Ligna series

    In 2021 kreeg ik een mail van Damien Eloi ([email protected]) na te hebben gevraagd uit welke samenstelling de Andro CI bestond. I asked that question at the time via the contact address on the site. Maybe you can also do the same for TP_Linga All?
  8. What's wrong with coach Ma Lin ?

    Dus de kunst is om erachter te komen wanneer je vrouwelijke tegenstander in haar maandelijkse moeilijke periode zit?
  9. Victas koki niwa wood

    he only plays league and championships in his own country.
  10. Rubber throw angle topic again.

    For me this is so. I prefer a higher bow because I prefer to play a piece off the table. Why? because that's how we learned it 45 years ago. I'm not sure you'll see much of a higher arc when playing close to/above a table. It also seems difficult to play close to/above a table with a more open...
  11. Victas koki niwa wood

    There is new Koki Niwa wood from next month.
  12. Looking for light bat set up (offensive play)

    The question is, do you want a soft, medium or hard rubber. 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.2 or max? FYI, my most lightest blade was a Andro Temper Tech ALL+ from 75gr. Light and fast rubbers are: Andro Plasma 470 (and almost all other Andro rubbers!) Gewo Hype EL pro 40 Nittaku Hammond (and Z2) Palio AK...
  13. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    T. Harimoto vs Germany = 3 - 0 / 10 - 0 !!!😀
  14. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    Tomo is miles to fast and to good for Dima. His FH-topspin is 40% better than 2 years ago.
  15. Stolen Blade

    I can guarantee you that Sergio will indeed send his blades to the buyers! In my case, I have no guarantee that the blade was ever sent by Dan, what he told me, I have to believe that.
  16. Knee sleeves recommendation

    Many years ago I played several matches with this one on both knees...
  17. Stolen Blade

    I have a little bit the same experience. In June 2020 I won a "game" here from Dan Vs Simon Gauzy. I won one of his autographed blades (the second from the right from Simon). After more than 2 years I can tell you that I never received this signed blade. We've been in contact with Dan...
  18. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    J. Rosskopf?
  19. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    What a marvelous win from Bernadette Szocs!! 🤩 😘​​​​​​​
  20. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    Best rally today and from the last weeks incl. WTTCT came from T. Boll vs Lin Yun-Ju 😳🤩