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  1. WTT Champions (European Summer Series 2022)

    Tomokazu no forehand Harimoto has done it. I cannot believe it
  2. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    TT11 has a durometer scale c, they us it to measure the hardness of the rubbers. Scale c is almost equivalent to esn scale hardness, so we can assume that hurricane 3 has a esn hardess of about 63
  3. Petition to Change the disgusting Camera Angle

    guys, I found this petition on youtube from a famous table tennis channel. Please if you really want to change the camera angle you should sign this petition. Thanks for your attention!
  4. Petition to Change the disgusting Camera Angle

    I propose to write emails to the ITTF or WTT complaining about the new camera angle! I think there are at least thousands of people out there who hate the new camera angle. Once they receive all these emails they will understand that there is a serious problem. I think this is the only way to...
  5. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    I really don't like Timo, I was rooting for Jha, I wanted an American dream... Now I would like to see Moregard in the final, definitely not Timo.
  6. WTT Houston Disaster

    are you serious or this is just sarcasm? cause that viewing angle is terrible. imagine watching table tennis for the first time with that horrible angle and quitting because of this. I really don't understand why they keep this angle, even on youtube's comment on recap of day 1 every one was...
  7. World Table Tennis Championships 2021

    this angle to watch the match is a real piece of shit. I really don't understand why they are keeping this viewing angle. What was wrong with the old camera angle from the top? I mean the side angle used on all wtt event
  8. 2021 China Trials for WTTC

    I think Ma Long is pissed off because CTTA didn't select him to play for the world championship. what is the reason to play seriously in this warmup event if you (the 3 times defending champion and olympic winner) are not going to play in the realt WTTC? I could understand XX not been selected...
  9. World Championships 2021 in America

    BREAKING NEWS 3 times defending champion Ma Long Will not play in WTTC 2021
  10. rakza which one

    what are the differences between rakza 9 and rakza x?
  11. rakza which one

    Hello, currently I am using a tsp swat with evolution elp on backhand and omega v tour on forehand ( I don't why but since the forum has been changed, I am not able to upgrade my equipment on my profile, I wish to come back to the old forum style) btw I was wondering to try the new rakza z on...
  12. Rakza 7 alternatives

    I recommend Xiom Omega V Tour, very high speed and spin.
  13. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    To summarize this Tokyo Olympic Games: Ma Long makes history winning his second gold medal in the singles event China still remain untouchable in the team's event Lin Yun Ju and Dimitrij Ovtcharov pulled out an amazing performance still sadly it wasn't enough Harimoto seems to have not found a...
  14. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    nice comeback for niwa/mizutani. Let see how is going to end
  15. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    you're welcome
  16. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Ma Long was the reason why I started to play this beautiful sport in 2011. I really loved his playing style, he developed so much during these years. What an amazing moment seeing him winning the Olympic gold medal for the second time. This is the GOAT
  17. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Prediction GOLD Fan Zhendong SILVER Ma Long BRONZE Dima desire: GOLD Ma Long SILVER Fan Zhendong BRONZE Lin Jun-Yu
  18. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    I'm hoping that Chen will win this match. This is probably her last chance to play in the Olympics, she's 27. On the other hand, Sun is younger she is 20 and she has at least one more if not 2 Olympics to play in the future. On the men's side, I'm rooting for Ma Long to make history and to...
  19. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    It is not unimaginable. There are some rumours that 2012, and 2016 Olympic were fixed
  20. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    ML- dima: 2:0