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  1. Amazon "Prime-Day" Sale on Tables

    COVID can't stop me now! *Note: I JUST moved in, so don't mind the mess (I prioritized play space). ​​​​​​
  2. Amazon "Prime-Day" Sale on Tables

    I just wanted to give you all a heads up that there are a few table tennis tables listed for 20% off during the current Amazon Prime Day sales - I'm not sure if these tables are on sale outside of the United States however. I know they're not ideal tournament quality tables, but I think they're...
  3. Question for Blade-Builders

    As a blade-maker, I'm always experimenting with new techniques. Ever heard of fire-hardened blades?
  4. SDC Handmade Blades

    That is a superb looking blade - very clean work on every component. Great composition and weight, too. I can only imagine how nicely it plays (since you know how much I love the yellow-pine/Larch medial plies)!
  5. Question for Blade-Builders

    A few new blades I've recently completed: Blade 3 (105g): Blade Composition: AlaskanYellowCedar - Carbon/Kevlar - BlackLimba - Kiri(core) - BlackLimba - Carbon/Kevlar - AlaskanYellowCedar Handle: Osage Orange, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Walnut
  6. Question for Blade-Builders

    A few new blades I've recently completed: Blade 2 (104g): Blade Composition: Koto - EuroLarch - SitkaSpruce(core) - EuroLarch - Koto Handle: Walnut
  7. Question for Blade-Builders

    A few new blades I've recently completed: Blade 1 (100g): Blade Composition: Koto - EuroLarch - PortOrfordCedar(core) - EuroLarch - Koto Handle: Walnut
  8. Making All Wood Blade Faster Artificially

    😄 Not true! I'm actually moving somewhere I can actually be a part of the sport for the first time in half-a-decade. I've built up a library of usable blades, so maybe I step away from blade-making for a bit while I actually get a chance to use them all! 😉
  9. Making All Wood Blade Faster Artificially

    The Stiga Offensive Classic is a great feeling composition. I LOVE the feeling of a crisp outer layer (like Koto) over the top of Spruce. If you can find a 7-ply where the top two plies are Koto and Spruce, then I think you'll get something with a very similar feeling and a bit more power. The...
  10. Advance Sample NEW Nexy Rubber - Etika

    What's the top sheet like?
  11. Blade Makers' Challenge - SDC Blade

    I'm excited for you to get his blade - I want to know how it is! I'm tempted to buy a blade from Sergio too because he does great work and I know he has some materials that I don't have access to. I'm happy that Mas got a blade from him too (since I couldn't build him what he wanted) - what...
  12. Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate

    Thanks for all that feedback! I'm thrilled that it performed as well as I hoped it would.
  13. Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate

    I'm excited for you to slap some rubber sheets onto the blade and find out how she plays!
  14. Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate

    It's looking like it should get in tomorrow (Wednesday, April 14th)! If you're keeping with the McDonald's menu naming theme, I think you should name it "40 piece Chicken McNuggets".
  15. Equipment Junkie CoVID Dreams - New Blade Made for Me By Nate

    I'm on the Oregon Coast, just about 2 hours north of the California border. I would think that you'd have access to some pretty nice Redwood, since it grows in abundance between where I'm at and Sacramento (though the old-growth stuff is getting harder to find). I just happened to get lucky that...
  16. Question for Blade-Builders

    Hello. My name is Nate....and I um....have a problem (spoken in the tone of an AA meeting, since this is about blade-addiction). Since I started making blades a few years ago, I've been amassing what I call my "blade library", which is full of blades with specifications that I think I would...
  17. Equipment Junkie CoVID Dreams - New Blade Made for Me By Nate

    I'm honored that you like it so much! I still haven't had much of a chance to play over the last year and have been dying to spend more time with a few of the 7-ply redwood-core blades I've put together.
  18. Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate

    Great question! I ended up "failing" the challenge on that single attribute (everything else I met the requested specifications) - I even emailed Der-Echte to see what he wanted me to do*... It ended up at 112g (about 8 grams heavier than I expected). 🤯 Perhaps my handles were a bit too...
  19. Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate

    I may have to keep this one for personal inspection. The ball appears to be bouncing off the surface with more energy than I'm putting into it. You wouldn't want it anyway (too fast and too heavy, I fear). 😎