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  1. Anybody else's rubber struggling with the humidity?

    I'm in Southern California, and today was particularly humid. It felt humid, and it seemed like there was even mild dew forming on the tables today. When I touched my rubbers, they felt oddly slippery and I was wondering why. Later it hit me that maybe the humidity was causing the rubbers to...
  2. Outer ALC users, why do you like your blade?

    I'm trying to enjoy and play with my outer alc blade, but I just can't seem to play well with it. Whenever I loop, I feel lack of control and lack of dwell time. I feel my loops are a little wild compared to when I use inner alc blade. Why do you like your outer alc blade and why do you...
  3. Ayano vs Tawny Banh

    Here's a bit of a unusual and quirky match. Ayano vs Tawny Banh. I actually saw Tawny play in person once when I was a child over 20 years go and was completely away from the sport the past 20 years. It's a bit surreal to see her play again, how quickly those years passed.
  4. Anybody like Bluestorm Z1 Turbo?

    Anybody play with this rubber or like this rubber? It's a very attractive cool looking rubber, and supposedly one of the more modern ESN offerings with latest technology. I imagine it should be something similar to Victas 22 or MXP50. I tried it recently on my friend's brand new racket, but...
  5. Why does my V-14 Pro feel so heavy?

    I have a V-14 Pro that weights 93g. But when I glue rubbers to it and hold it, it feels WAY heavier than my other blades, for example my 90g Fang Bo carbon. Also, the Fang Bo has a larger head, so there is more rubber glued to it. But still, somehow the V14 ends up feeling way way heavier and...
  6. Basic advice on knowing spin from long pips?

    Recently a few long pips players have showed up, and I mostly don't understand what spin to expect from their long pips rubber. Can somebody tell me the basic advice for knowing the spin? So far, I have deduced that whenever I loop heavy spin to their long pips, it seems to always come back...
  7. Why is booster results so unpredictable?

    I recently boosted a underperforming rubber without much expectations, and the result was incredible. I had a sheet of 729 Aurora Max in medium-hard. This rubber was my least favorite rubber of all the rubbers I own, as it was quite slow, quite soft, and had no catapult. It just wasn't very...
  8. Anybody boosted Sanwei Target National?

    Has anybody boosted the STN rubber before? How does it react to booster? Is there a best number of layers?
  9. Do you counterloop your opponents opening loop?

    During a game when my opponent open loops against me, I typically block it back with BH and FH. I've practiced counterlooping my opponent's opening loop in practice, and I can hit them fairly well in a practice scenario. But I never feel confident enough to attempt it in a game scenario. Do...
  10. Blade edge pinches middle finger on BH

    Recently I have been trying to get more wrist action on my BH and get more acceleration through the ball. When doing so, my natural instinct is to choke up higher on the handle and grip the blade face tighter. Also my instinct is to go into a more extreme "continental" grip. All these put...
  11. Kou Lei vs Ayano

    Saw this match posted. I think Kou Lei won 3-1. I'm surprised that the #1 ranked player in the country, a Olympian, would lose games to a 2200 youtube player.
  12. After how many layers of booster does it become detrimental?

    Let's say you are boosting a Hurricane 3 40d. I assume that after a certain amount of booster layers, there is no longer a positive benefit. After how many layers of booster does the incremental benefit become basically zero? After how many layers of booster does the incremental effect become...
  13. How hard are CNT H3 after boosting?

    I believe ML uses 42d on forehand. How hard is the actual rubber he plays in competition after all his layers of boosting?
  14. Next area to focus on improvement

    About 6 months ago, I felt my biggest weakness was by BH opening loop. After practicing it a lot, I now feel quite comfortable with this shot. I actually surprise myself with how many points I win in games with this shot. 3 months ago, I determined my biggest weakness was returning serve...
  15. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber

    Can you post a simple bounce test video showing the rubber on both sides of your blade and bouncing the ball on it from various heights.
  16. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber Well I just glanced at the other reviews, and they said the rubber is tacky and slow. So it doesn't sound anything like ESN rubber.
  17. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber

    Yes of course, that's why I said that JUST in my personal opinion, I don't feel a big difference. If I had to play a match to save my life and had to pick a forehand rubber for the match, it would not be obvious to me which rubber to pick: Jupiter 3 or ZGR. Since I'm used to using the Jupiter...
  18. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber

    Did you use the Jupiter 2 or Jupiter 3? There is a huge difference between the 2 and 3. I've also tested ZGR. In my personal view, I would not consider the difference "huge" between it and Jupiter 3. I can imagine some people prefer one to the other. I also use Jupiter 3 for counter-loop and...
  19. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber

    Can you do a review on it?
  20. Dignics 05 and 09C for Viscaria Super ALC

    My experience is that 05 is much easier to use, with a softer sponge. 09c is far more demanding, harder to activate. But if you are strong enough to activate 09c, then it probably has greater offensive potential than 05. But if you don't like T05, I don't know why you would suddenly like D05.