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  1. Stiga Platinum vs Andro Rasanter?

    I haven't used any of the DNA Platinum rubbers, but I have used some of the DNA Pro series as well as some of the Rasanters, so I can compare those. I would say that the comparison between Rasanter R53 and DNA Pro H, is the same as between the Rasanter R48 vs DNA Pro M. Very simply, in both...
  2. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    One of things I really enjoy about Aruna is that he seldom (ever?) throws tantrums at the table when he's losing. It looked to me like, in this match, Hugo played very well and Aruna was not having his best day. Even so, there were no outbursts of frustration, no staring at his bat as if it did...
  3. Suggestions for rubbers lighter than Yasaka Razka X and Yasaka Razka 7 for OSP Virtuoso AC blade

    Generally speaking, rubbers with softer sponges will be a bit lighter than rubbers with harder sponges. So you might think about one of the newest generation of medium rubbers. For example, the Rasanter R45 probably isn't much different to the Rakzas in terms of spin and speed (unless you're...
  4. VERY fast Backhand flick (Non Chinese) rubber options?

    Light, fast, and same sponge hardness as V47: T64 Rakza 9 Omega 7 Pro Aurus Prime
  5. Dimitrij Ovtcharov's backspin serve is so crazy!

    And Dan is far from an 'average' amateur player... imagine what that serve would do to the rest of us.
  6. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    Top-end speed: V>15 Extra is a bit faster than MXP, which in turn is a fair bit faster than G1. Of course, the big assumption here is that the person hitting the shot has the skill to handle all three rubbers equally well. If the player doesn't, then they will hold back with the V>15 and the...
  7. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    That's been my experience too: Not as durable as G1 (nothing is!), but lasts longer than other ESN rubbers I'm familiar with.
  8. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    You may well be right. I've only had a brief knock with D05, so I can't really compare and will just take your word for it. But, the OP isn't comparing to D05, he's comparing to T19. And, comparing to T19, the trade off is essentially between easier spin on low impact shots (for which the T19...
  9. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    Correct. If V>15 Extra was good enough for Liam Pitchford and Koki Niwa, then it's good enough for any amateur. That doesn't mean everyone will like it - it does feel different to, for example, T05 and T19. It has a harder topsheet, is less spin-sensitive and thus more difficult to generate spin...
  10. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    47.5 degrees on the ESN scale is about the same as the T19 / T05 sponge. Bear in mind, though, that the top sheet of the V>15 Extra is a bit harder than the top sheet of T19, so as an overall package the rubber will feel a bit harder than T19.
  11. Any experiences of the Victas V > 15 Extra?

    I see you're playing with T19 at the moment. By comparison, V>15 Extra has a harder topsheet, is less bouncy on soft touches, faster on higher impact shots, generates a bit less spin on low impact shots, and probably about the same spin on high impact shots. I found the durability of V>15 above...
  12. Is body type giving any form of advantage?

    One of the things I most enjoy about TT is that people of all shapes and sizes can play, have fun, and potentially be very good. I played at a very high junior level when I was a teenager (I think there are quite a number of people on this forum who have a similar history), and now I play very...
  13. Is Gauzy using a blade from a different brand ?

    Looks like it's one of the recently released Andro Synteliac range - probably just a pre-release version that didn't have the logo on the handle yet.
  14. What blade Darko Jorgic playing at Europe top 16 cup.

    I assume he was using his signature blade, Tibhar Dynamic JC (, with Hybrid K3 on the forehand and a special version of Evolution MX-P (Evolution Infinity MX-P, which I don't think is publicly available?) on the backhand.
  15. Weight training in the gym to improve explosiveness

    To the OP: I've scanned this thread and have to say that the best advice you can get on here is simply this: Do not take any weight training advice online. If you're serious about improving explosive strength, as opposed to just 'generally messing around in the gym', then pay a properly...
  16. Tibhar MX-P alternative.

    Rakza 9 maybe?
  17. Most feared player outside the top 30?

    Just for some pointless, but hopefully entertaining, discussion: Which player currently ranked outside the top 30 would you say the players ranked in the top 30 would most fear coming up against in a knock-out scenario? I'm going with Xu Xin (currently ranked at 115).
  18. TTD Team Juniors vs Seniors | The Ultimate Showdown!

    Such a high level of play, and great fun to watch! Many thanks to all the TTD team, and congrats to the Juniors! I do wonder, though, how things might have turned out if the match sequence had been different. Those who follow football might know that there is some strategy to the sequence in...
  19. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    Dima 11 : Dan 3
  20. Tenergy 05 Hard v D09c

    Thanks Tom! It's nice to hear that sort of comment from a top player. We need to hear more encouragement to use equipment that easier to control, rather than defaulting to super-duper high-performance stuff. I've said before, and will repeat, I think the DNA Pro series is very good and...