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  1. Rubber Recommendations on FZD SZLC

    Hi Heng Dai, I am surprised you had budget for SZLC and didnt set some aside for rubbers :P
  2. How to Clean your Blades?

    Hi and Morning from Kuala Lumpur. Took me awhile to decide on posting this because I wanted to make sure I googled for the info beforehand. Its pretty hot and humid here in KL and as we play, we tend to sweat a lot. I know how to clean the rubber, but failed to find any articles on...
  3. BH rubber for Viscaria

    Am using Xiom Omega 7 Euro. Nice
  4. Viscaria for a beginner

    FH: Hurricane 3 National BH: Xiom Omega 7 Had issues with the H3 initially. Needs more lifting strength for short touch plays. The xiom is great for BH. Love it. Also used my daughter s Donic M1/M2 combo (Original Senso Carbon). Viscaria vs Original Senso, I think I ll prefer the Donic blade...
  5. Viscaria for a beginner

    Hmmm... I am using a viscaria. And yes. I consider myself a newbie. Last played probably 30 years ago. Well.. Yes.. I think adapted to the Viscaria pretty quick. Have I given all wood a thought? Yes. Am I using quick rubbers? Yes too. I guess by putting in more hours and learning how to...
  6. Do you use overgrip on your blade handle?

    I do.. After my NEW blade flew out of my hand. LOL. Had to use the grip tape to cover the slight imperfection and improve my hold over it.
  7. Blade Repair

    I have actually attached pics. Unfortunately it’s not successful (somehow).
  8. Blade Repair

    Hi all. Would like to ask, is it possible to repair the handle? Or even change the handle? Do butterfly sell replacement handles? My new blade got dent or two after it flew out of my hand. Struck my partner as I was going for a shot. I tried googling. Most of the repair I found are for dents...
  9. Confident when training, but s**t when playing

    Besides battling your opponent across the court, you need to get a grip and win over your mind as well. Easier said than done.
  10. Best Malaysian Male TT player

    Could be my office network setting. Unable to see the attachment. Who is the player?
  11. My Fan Zhendong ALC blade has arrived

    Took delivery of the new blades yesterday. Was torn between the SALC and ALC version. But I know my level is not there yet. Ended up with two FZD ALC (ST and FL). Reasons are.. Am not too sure if ST suits me or not and the FL handle is so beautiful. Yeah.. Gear acquisition syndrome.