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  1. new equipment for 2022/23

    Tibhar evolution FX-D & EL-D Donic Bluestar A1 Donic bluegrip S1 Andro Rasanrer C48 & C53 Banco Ultimate Power Stiga DNA Hybrid M/H/XH
  2. What is STIGA Cybershape?

    Romain Ruiz did not use Cybershape blade during the final of the French championships today ...
  3. What is STIGA Cybershape?
  4. What is STIGA Cybershape?

    Romain RUIZ uses Stiga Cybershape!
  5. What is STIGA Cybershape?

  6. New Equipment 2021

    New TIBHAR Darko Jorgic blades: - Dynamic J7 - Dynamic JC New TIBHAR FORTINO PRO DC Inside
  7. New Equipment 2021

    New DONIC Blades: DONIC Original True Carbon Inner DONIC Balsa Carbon Centran Fibre DONIC Skachkov Carbon
  8. WIN A SIGNED Simon Gauzy blade

    Simon wins 11-8
  9. New blades - ANDRO Gauzy

    No details on the compositions for the moment...
  10. New blades - ANDRO Gauzy

    4 new blades: GAUZY SL OFF: 7 plies, 6,2mm, 92gr, Supreme Line - 129,95€ GAUZY HL CO: 5 plies + 2 Carbon, 5,6mm, 90gr, High Line - 69,95€ GAUZY BL7 OFF: 7 plies , 5,9mm, 90gr, Basic Line - 39,95€ GAUZY BL5 OFF: 5 plies, 5,4mm, 84gr, Basic Line - 39,95€ ANDRO Catalog 19/20...
  11. Equipment used in the Euros

    Ionescu with STIGA CLIPPER CC +T05
  12. New Equipment 2017
  13. New Equipment 2017

    BUTTERFLY - April 2017 Rubber Rozena Blades: - SK CARBON - SK7 CLASSIC - LIU SHIWEN (New design) Availaible in Europe?
  14. Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D

    of course, NO
  15. Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D

    I bought mine on a french forum at 22€... (ST Handle, like new) I bought mine on a French forum at 20 €
  16. New rubber from yasaka. Shining Dragon ---> 36€
  17. What table tennis rubbers & blade do you use?

    me too: Back to my old blade YASAKA Extra 3D ST FH GEWO Hype Pro EL 42.5 BH GEWO Hype Pro EL 42.5

    I confirm, very good seller!