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  1. FZD - will he rise to the top?

    I think he misses his Infinity VPS Stiga-handle. ;)
  2. Liang Jingkun suspended

    All threads are at risk of switching context to an equipment discussion 😀
  3. Truls Moregard is World Number 3

    Well, Top 4 should probably be 4 Chinese players, and pretty much the only players who can challenge them are the young trio of Truls, Harimoto and Lin Yun-Jo. Consistently winning almost all games but vs eachother is Ma Long and FZD. So In my oppinion position 3-7 could be any of the others
  4. Best Urologist in Delhi | Dr.Anshuman Agarwal

    I wonder what rubbers he recommends ... 😉
  5. Viscaria for a beginner

    It is not only the speed of the blade that makes it challenging for a beginner. Viscaria is also very stiff which makes it more difficult to spin the ball. Putting on slow rubbers will not help making the blade more flexible.
  6. Offensive players do you prefer inner or outer carbon and why?

    Try adding an all-wood alternative to your comparison. You state you value ease of execution and feel for your loops (you even say that is your most important shots). I doubt neither inner nor outer carbon blades will be better in that department than a good all wood blade(Korbel, Clipper, ...).
  7. TOP OF THE TABLE CLASH | TableTennisDaily Team | TTDSL S1 Ep 6

    Really inspiring and super well produced!
  8. Tenergy 05 no spin?

    This sounds to me like an issue of a stiffer blade. Generally 5-ply blades have more flex than a 7-ply blade. More flex makes it easier to generate spin on loops, whilst a stiffer blade give more stability in more direct shots like blocks and counter loops.
  9. Frustrated & Confused

    Maybe after these training sessions you are starting to play a game a bit over you ability(I.e. maybe you are trying to open up on third balls that are too difficult for you). Maybe as someone before here stated you are becoming predictable if you are treating a match as a drill. Try playing a...
  10. FZD using D09c for BH and not using Golden Viscaria?!

    I bet he is going to be playing with a cybershape disguised with viscaria handle. 😄
  11. Stiga Cybershape test

    Please elaborate a bit more of what the differences you experience of the cybershape and regular stiff blade like he carbonado. It would also be really interesting to hear how the Anti works on the blade 😀.
  12. Frictionless Anti players

    In this particular game Andrea is definitely not having any advantage from using AntiSpin. His opponent is playing close to the table with not so much spin. The oppenent is not struggling at all with deceptive AntiSpin shots. I also play AntiSpin on backhand and find this kind of player the most...
  13. Is Truls the new Waldner??

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Truls is 19 years old, sometimes plays the power game with crazy fast counter loops FZD-style. And then mixes things up with extreme variation (chop blocks, wide angle low over the net side spin returns, etc). So he is really unpredictable. Add to that what seems to...
  14. Switching inverted rubber in BH to Anti Spin BH

    Simple answer is yes. But you need to learn the correct teqnique for that as well. Antispin return can sometimes be really slow and easy to smash if done incorrectly. So don't see switching to anti as a quick fix for your current gaps.
  15. Tenergy 05 fx playing impression by semi-intermediate player

    To me Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05fx are more controllable than Rakza 7. I find Rakza 7 more linear and bouncy on all shots, while the Tenergy 05's are easier to hit with on softer touch but when you really hit loops, drives, smashes with more force, the catapult really kicks in.
  16. Rakza 7 vs tibhar mx-p

    I find R7 quite bouncy. I haven't used MXP but I much prefer Tenergy05 to R7 in the short game.
  17. Swedish Open 2018

    Very tough upper bracket. Ma Long Vs FZD in the quarters!
  18. Going from carbon blade w/ tensor rubbers to classic wood blade w non-tensor rubbers

    Two years ago I started playing after a looooong break (20 years). I had to get used to the 40+ ball, and started with an all-wood blade with a tensor on forhand and a MarkV on backhand. What I quickly noticed was that my backhand lacked a punch and that I could easily handle a tensor on...
  19. Unbelievable swap hand shot by Timo Boll | China Open 2018

    Wow! Almost thought I was watching Waldner playing.
  20. Time Boll & Patrick Franziska using Black side for FH

    I agree with you that people are missing your point. Why did the old pro's all of sudden switch from red to black? Maybe Dan can bring this question with him to his next interview with one of them! :-)