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  1. Is body type giving any form of advantage?

    Thanks for sharing this video, somehow it is really inspiring to watch even as a pretty skinny guy. This makes table tennis looks so effortless and calm.
  2. Some updated information from SANWEI

    Do you have any plans for an innerlayer pbo blade? Like a paramid version of the froster PBO
  3. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    11-3 for Dima
  4. New Haifu Seamoon 2022 booster looks different?

    I have ordered 2 new bottles of commercial Haifu Seamoon, and I can see there is a big difference from the previous ones I used. The bottles are smaller (60ml vs 100ml), but the color is completely different. On the new ones it is much more clear, where the old version is very yellow. Has...
  5. I bought a spare racket but the feel is different?

    So i play with a XIOM 5-ply wood, and really liked my racket. I thought I would get a spare racket in case my current one will break. I made sure to get the exact same weight, 86g. I mounted the new blade with the exact same rubbers, but the feeling between the blades are very different. I have...
  6. Jogging pants with ankle zipper?

    Does anyone know a good pair of jogging pants with zippers in the ankles? The ones i have seen with zippers are very thin, and not fleece lined. I would like a pair with zippers to use in between matches in tournaments.
  7. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    Ma Long and WCQ in the same side of bracket again. Looking forward to see the (possible) rematch. Also interested to see how Timo Boll will do against LGY
  8. W968 alternative

    How about the XIOM ALXi?
  9. Unforgiving backhand rubber

    I play H3 on the backhand and I am really happy with it. I even tend to win more points in matches from my BH rather than my FH.
  10. Should reboosting H3 make it dome again?

    Hi, just wondering if my H3 neo should dome again after reboosting it? I applied 1 layer of haifu seammoon, but it hasnt really curled up. It was curled a tiny bit inward when i removed them from the blade. After 1 layer it has flattened completely, but it has not curled up again. Should I...
  11. People who switched from carbon back to wood, how’s it going?

    I play with a 5-ply allround wood which is similar to yasaka sweden extra, and have been extremely happy with the slower blade. I would consider 2 things if you are serious about developing as a player, and looking for long term improvement Is it wise to add more speed artificially through...
  12. Change of tactics as one ages

    It sounds like you are not able to consistently loop underspin with your backhand, and that you lose points when stepping around with your FH, since you cant return his block. So from my perspective it seems like you can do 3 things: (best) Practise BH loop so you can just open with you BH and...
  13. Ma Long - footwork analysis

    I have just finished watching all of your videos, and I find them very relevant for me. I agree with the others that the information presented is not as easy to digest. My goal for this year is to improve my footwork, and not "stress" about the ball. I think this is related to the rhythm part...
  14. Barefoot shoes

    I use barefoot shoes for everyday walking as well. When I first started out with table tennis I used them for that as well. However once I started getting better footwork, they just wore out too quick because of the thin sole. 2-4 months before there was a hole all they way through the shoes at...
  15. How do you learn to sidestep properly?

    Thanks for all the great replies From reading them, here is what I will start implementing: Overcompensate by try to always feel the left foot in the floor, and keep the balance in the middle, even for FH loops Drill both 2-point FH and 2-point BH Do skater hops and side steps before practise...
  16. How do you learn to sidestep properly?

    I am really struggling with my footwork, and I feel like it is really holding me back. I am putting in a lot of hours practicing every week, almost every day, but somehow I haven't been able to crack this problem, even though I spend a lot of time working and thinking about how to fix it. If...
  17. How do you prevent smelly shoes?

    I tried washing the shoes in the washing machine, and while it helped a bit initially, after 1 or 2 sessions its back to the same. Changing socks doesn't sound like a good option, I would have to change every 15 minutes, preventing proper flow of training. I had a look at an electric shoe dryer...
  18. How do you prevent smelly shoes?

    I play 6-7 times a week, and after a couple of months my shoes start smelling pretty badly. What do you guys do to prevent it? I've tried using some silica bags to absorb the sweat after using them, and also tried some anti-bacterial sprays - but none of if seems to work in the end. Now I have...
  19. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    I've seen a new model DHS Hurricane 301x on aliexpress, but I cant find any information about what is different from the normal DHS hurricane 301. Does anyone have any insight?
  20. Xiom Hugo SAL and 36.5 Deep Impact ALX

    I recently read your older review about the xiom feel series, and got interested in the zx3. Is it possible for you to compare the SAL 36.5 to feel ZX3?