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  1. Aliexpress has big annual sale in 1 week. Are you getting something?

    Thanks Tensor and Lodro! I ended up going with these doublefish balls because that is currently what I have in my robot. A lot of them still feel almost new after multiple days a week use, but sometimes they crack when i practice my looping and it hits the edge of my paddle. My regular table...
  2. Aliexpress has big annual sale in 1 week. Are you getting something?

    recommend me a good store with good table tennis balls to buy? I want to use for my robot but i want a high quality ball.
  3. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    I like them both. Hopefully it’s a thriller into the decider!
  4. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    Really looking forward to this matchup! I think Hugo will win because he has a better backhand.
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    When did Emmanuel start playing/learning? What is his training regime? props to him for beating a 2500+ rated player.
  6. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?! literally made the argument that some white people in south africa are not racist because they hire black nannies. If anyone here is not qualified to talk about racism, it sounds like it would be you. Also, you seem to be confusing free-speech with racism, and also a general...
  7. Why does it seem like I play to the level of my opponent?

    maybe i'm an exception (or i played really badly my first game) but at the round robin last night, I lost 1-11 in my first game against my opponent. Then I won the next game 11-3. Then the next 11-7, then 11-6 to win the match. I don't think winning a single game 11-1 means you are clearly the...
  8. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    I guess I haven’t seen him play enough to know how he behaves normally. I have no Ill will towards him. I hope he can recover from this mental weakness. Like I said, racket throwing doesn’t belong in this sport but I guess I’m biased because I came from playing soccer where everyone and their...
  9. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    That is great there is anti racism education from a young age in Germany, especially given their history. There is a reason they need to have that sort of education because we really are not that far removed from WWII when you think of it. I don't know Ruwen Filus (as in, i've never spoken to...
  10. Who is Harimoto Chinese coach?

    Pretty sure Harimoto's dad stopped coaching him, at least on the sidelines during tournaments. I remember adam saying at one of the tournaments last year that it was just too emotional for both the dad and son to have that sort of coaching relationship during matches.
  11. KJH keeps telling lady to WAIT more to do at table BH loop

    reaching on my backhand is my biggest problem :( I have to set the robot to slow delivery pace to really practice my patience.
  12. Should Ruwen Filus be penalised and suspended?!

    I was wondering if there was something personal between these two players. I was originally suspecting perhaps racism but maybe i was off. we may never know. There's a player at my club who throws his racket when he loses sometimes. I don't understand why an armature player would do that. I...
  13. Barefoot shoes

    Exactly! For this reason, it’s definitely possible to play in barefoot shoes. Definitely don’t recommend for barefoot beginners. I walked in barefoot shoes for two months before doing just a 100m run. Then I would add 100m to my run each week until I could comfortable run a mile in my vivos...
  14. Barefoot shoes

    old thread I know but I use these Vivos to play in: I recommend this pair (once you've trained your body and adapted) for sports like table tennis because the FG sole has a little bit of extra cushion which does help when playing...
  15. Any Power Pong robot users?

    Let me know. Are you selling because you are retiring or because you got the power pong omega?
  16. I lost my spark for playing TT

    funny....i was an avid climber/bouldering until i fell 17 feet....twice...and severely injured my back. it was a long 4 year road to recovery. table tennis was one of the saving grace's God put back into my life. I'll never go back on the wall, unfortunately. just too risk for me. I will enjoy...
  17. I lost my spark for playing TT

    Suhir is going to be sand bagging it at my u1650 event at james tournament. not happy about it. LOL!
  18. Any Power Pong robot users?

    how much? possible to get in the USA?
  19. I lost my spark for playing TT

    Man....I gotta know what is happening with Ali. Is this why i don't see Suhir as much anymore either? I'm texting Ali and Aarush right now. I would have loved to been around during the days of SITTA TTC. Too bad it didn't make it. and really sad that Avi is leaving back to the bay. too bad i'm...
  20. I lost my spark for playing TT

    Oh man. I have to know who this is. lol. I mean, I know a handful of guys who have been stagnant at 1500 for a while. I am ready to advance past all of them this year. I actually just reached a new all time high on sunday. My forehand is getting better and better everyday, and i can actually...