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  1. Article: The Street Table Tennis Phenomenon

    I have never seen such a great app and this is a nice way to stay in touch with the table tennis community and to not miss out on interesting information about the tournament. Nice find, good article!
  2. Liam Pitchford on defeating Ma Long | TableTennisDaily Podcast #1

    Ty for the podcast / video. Enjoyed it!
  3. Breathing in table tennis

    Just don't breath :)
  4. GLUE SHEETS...The Good, the Bad (and the Ugly?)

    glue sheets are awful, just imho
  5. Need a purchase advice

    Yasaka Rakza 7 or Rakza Soft - You could use these on FH & BH Agree with that, very nice product!
  6. Future equipment help

    That's the way I did it, too