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  1. Less bouncy and more linear alternative to tenergy 80

    Have you tried a hybrid like 09C? More spin, better control, but needs more power. Still, it's easier to use than Hurricane and might work for you (after considerable adjustment). Dignics 05 can also generate more spin than Tenergy, but requires as much arm speed as 09C and is trickier to...
  2. Tenergy 05 but less bouncy

    've used Nexy Karis M, Stiga Mantra M and S and TSP Regalis Red. They are all similar, made by Daiki in Japan for the various manufacturers. The Stiga Mantra is my favorite, it just seems a tiny bit better than the TSP in almost every respect and is also a little lighter. The 'M' version is...
  3. German Open 2018

    I look forward to 2023
  4. WTTC 2013 - Training Hall Videos

    the video is unavailable
  5. WTT Contender Series-2022

    Watched Harimoto (Tomo not his sister) vs Alexis, I felt like Alexis kinda tricked Harimoto every single step of the way especially in terms of service and receive placement and spin. I don't think he will win against Harimoto the next time they play imo once WTT Contender Novo Gorica-2023...