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  1. Tenergy 5 1.9mm or 2.1mm?

    Spring sponge is very prominent in 2.1 - with the T05 topsheet it’s amazing during drill practice and warm up but once the real match starts, it gets very twitchy in the short game. You need to survive the first 2-3 balls. I too like T05 1.9 better. On the other hand if you can go up to T05H...
  2. New Innerforce ALC Type Blade

    As it’s an experiment with a custom product, no one apart from you would have any idea how it would play. Maybe start with a certain hardness and work your way up or down? Much like how companies range their rubbers? S, M, H, XH? And report back to us :) FYI - Nittaku uses White Ash in...
  3. Sponge thickness

    Is there any difference to spin sensitivity and or throw angle?
  4. Tibhar K3 Hybrid and Victas > 22 double extra

    To OP, what made you change away from C53?
  5. Spring Sponge vs Spring Sponge X vs ESN Sponge

    But seriously does anyone find this difference?
  6. Blade recommendations

    Butterfly Kong Linghui Headsize: 154x148mm (super compact) Thickness: 5.5mm FL: 100×24×34mm
  7. Spring Sponge vs Spring Sponge X vs ESN Sponge

    Mmmm chocolate 🤤
  8. Correlation between blade's weight and blade's flex

    I think the variables both myself and @DukeGaGa have tried to explain is precisely why you haven’t been able to get your truly exhaustive answer 🙁 Sorry!
  9. Correlation between blade's weight and blade's flex

    You are putting an assumption the weight is distributed evenly. If a weight is put in the handle it may not necessarily mean the heavier blade is stiffer, in my example it’ll just mean the centre of balance is shifted more toward where the weight is. When working with wood there are so many...
  10. Spring Sponge vs Spring Sponge X vs ESN Sponge

    This is based on subjective feelings so any comments or opinions welcome 😃 In relation to grippy type rubbers with which I have more experience. For me Butterfly’s Spring Sponge has a feeling of vibration/reverberation spreading across the whole bat face from the ball impact point (like...
  11. JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion too slow and Treiber FO OFF and Timo Boll ALC too fast

    Xiom HAL (Hugo’s blade) should be around the speed you are looking for. It is softer and more woodier feeling compared to Boll ALC seeing there is no carbon weave - just arylate.
  12. The rise of pickleball and padel It’s a long read but interesting article nonetheless about the rise of pickleball and padel. Here’s hoping ITTF understands *SPIN* being the key differentiator in table tennis and taking care to move our sport forward accordingly - keeping all types of...
  13. TableTennisDaily signs partnership with

    Hope the AI is a patient one and doesn’t learn over time how trash we all compared to the CNT. “Congratulations user, from the 6 hours tournament matches uploaded I’ve determined there’s nothing of worth to be reviewed. Please play better. Goodbye” 😰
  14. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    The common advice here when members switch over to new equipment is to give it sufficient time to completely familiarise oneself. By his standards he has been missing easy shots which we rarely saw when he was using Golden Vis and Infinity “Vis”PS prior to that. Anyone else notice he was...
  15. Hurricane WCQ blade?

    Was discussed in this thread Basically player edition (PE) models not available to the general public. Similar to how shoe manufacturers release PE’s for star NBA players under contract: - Air...
  16. WTT Cup Finals 2022

    So keeping with the spirit of this forum, will FZD be changing out of FZD ALC? As winning or losing is obviously based on 90% equipment choice, 5% training/coaching/talent/mental, 10-15% booster.
  17. Frictionless Anti players

    Very nice 👍 very stable now with your anti. By the way what is your final verdict on Cybershape and anti? Specifically the inner carbon, larger headsize and overall stiffness if it works or not vs your current setup. More detail you can provide the better 😀
  18. Nets !!!!

    Pot meets kettle?
  19. WTT Champions Macao 2022

    For me quite there’s quite a saturation of live sports vying for my attention - NBA season just kicked off, there’s the EPL, Formula 1, tonight I checked out the T20 Cricket World Cup. I also like to stay up to date with current world affairs like the Ukraine War, the potential outbreak of...
  20. Probably yet another help thread!

    Damn here I was thinking OP was brokenball and mellowed out… Yes Rakza 7 is easiest to begin with and relatively cheap, plus the majority of members here are familiar with it so can advise on your next journey if x characteristic of whatever from R7 is needed.